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Well it7a family thing. Mu dad used to watch the games, so I did. Then I played, and I loved it.

On the sport perspective, it's one of the most complex/skill demanding sport there is. You need individual skills, team skills, strategy, aggressivity, composure...

The best game on earth for sure... B)


I could just say it's because I'm a South African, but to be honest I wasn't that into rugby as a little kid, I was part of my grade school rugby team but didn't really want to play (and after grade school never did again unfortunately :( went on to play hockey in high school), but during gradeschool at around the age of 8 or so I was so hooked on watching rugby, it's just the most awesome game in the world to view as a spectator.

some of my fondest memories are waking up at 4 in the morning with my dad to watch some Super 12 games or internationals.

But about 5 years ago I really wanted to start playing the game again, and eventually last year I dragged myself to some touchies games with a buddy of mine, first game felt like I was going to puke all the time, next game I played for a good hour, next game it got even better.

Like so many people mentioned already, it's the only game in the world I can think of that's still as honest a sport as you can get, people bash the **** out of each other one minute and act like brothers in arms the next, and most of all you know that most of the players out there are playing the game because they really honestly love it to death.


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I was 10 and the school arranged a trip to Scotland football game in Glasgow, we were penned in surrounded by police all the jeering and agro, i hated it.

then several weeks later we went to a Scotland V France game at Murrayfield, a freind a I were seated by ourseleves surrounded by these massive French men. They didn't speak any english but they were giving us drinks and sweets and everytime there was any action on the pitch they lifted us up to see the game, fantastic sportsmanship, no agro or bother. feel in love with rugby there and then.[/b]

That is amazing man that seem like a great way to fall in love with the game.

I started my Senior year in high school after playing baseball for all my life(dads was semi pro) and then quit junior year when the Varsity Coach hated me and never played me cause he hated me and my dad. Then watched my high school team play 1 match and said it looked like smear the queer but organized(game where you tackle anyone with the ball no teams and no points but just plan fun). Started playing the summer before my senior year came to the first practice and loved it probably cause I just ran cross country for the hell of it and was in good shape and was the fastest guy on the field. But then the season started our first game came about and the coach started me at fullback(me without any playing time) they kicked a grubber right past me I picked it up and ran right for a hole and set my wing up for a perfect 80 meter try. After that I was in the newspaper and my coach saying I had a great game playing simple and smart rugby. I loved hanging out with my teammates cause it was kinda like a brother hood thing like if anyone of us were getting picked on or anything we would back each other up and what not.

Also after my first tour last summer to England and Wales I really felt the heart of rugby by meeting all these guys who loved the game as much as i do if not more. Made some great friends and loved every bit of it.


Well, everyone played rugby at my primary school in SA. Its not that we had to, its just that everyone did and thats the way it had always been. I hated it at first because I was only 7 and didnt like being bashed in tackles from behind. But a few years later I came to love the rucking and scrums and lineouts (i'm a lock). Also just the comraderie between team mates was a big draw. Having a succesful national and provincial side also helped but the times when those sides were wallowing in their own pathetic performaces really helped to build a sort of rugbying character in me. Now I can watch almost any game and be fascinated by it. Its Great


I always knew it was a cool sport, but the 2007 world cup was on TV, and I watched pretty much every match and fell in love, started watching vids on youtube as well, and really caught the bug so to speak.


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I enjoy running around a field with 29 sweaty gorillas.[/b]
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I enjoy running around a field with 29 sweaty gorillas.[/b]

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I used to play at School when i was 14. I was a very fast sprinter, and couldn't get into the soccer team (i mean, you can only have 11 players from 60 who want to play) so i played rugby as suggestion from my teacher. I scored a try in every school match, and had some memorable times when i was going through a real bad phase. Rugby was my outlet and the rest is history.

I gave up at 16, even though it was probably the wrong decision because the club i was at was very biased towards certain players who's relatives as the club. This happened once too often so i quit.

I played about 2 years later for the other local club, but it was a case of not knowing the players i trained with.. and therefore it was very hard to play with random strangers each week.

I don't play now, although i would like to but in my profession i need my hands and if i was to break something, it would obviously affect my income.

But, i love rugby because it is an easy sport to play, but a tough sport to master.

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