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Re-match with Japan.


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Oct 12, 2010
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South Africa
What about the possibility of a re-match between the Boks and Japan in the future? The Boks have a very embarrassing statistic to rectify and they have to put ghost of the shock 2015 World Cup defeat to rest. For the Japanese this will be a big game, all the Japs probably know about the Boks after what happened and will hope for history to repeat itself, so I think a game in Tokyo against Japan before the Autumn Internationals will draw a big crowd. Something for Rassie and SARU to ponder about.
Japan already have New Zealand and England lined up this November. To add South Africa as well would just be cruel!

Maybe a South Africa A side would fit the bill though...
We are already playing Wales In Washington a week before the three test series against England. Any additional games would need to be during Super rugby which would be unlikely considering the Sunwolves involvement.
But i think its a great idea for a future fixture. We can also then use that opportunity to familiarize the players with some of their training bases in Japan for the World Cup.

P.S I confused Autumn International with the Southern Hemisphere Autumn.

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