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Reaching For Glory



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Did anyone see this film? I heard from a non-rugby friend who happend to be in Ireland when it aired that it was great, and would make anyone love Rugby.
Methinks it'd be a similar documentary to Living with Lions, which isn't necessarilly a bad thing.
Seems to have gone down really well but I didn't think it was that good, although O'Gara slating Murphy for his defensive error in the French match had me in stitches, if that's not a case of pot, kettle and black I don't know what is.

Plus there is the comic value of Paul O'Connell's motivational speech ahead of the French match, just a shame he left it all in the dressing room.

It did confirm, however, the shocking truth that Eddie O'Sullivan does indeed have the personality of a dishcloth.

It also means that we won't get a dvd of the 6 Nations matches with a bonus dvd of the English match like we did with our last 2 triple crowns.
I thought this documentary was great, it inspired a few people to join my local club almost immediately lol