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Recommendations for a paid or free rugby data/analytics service


Academy Player
Jan 14, 2021

Can anyone recommend a good paid or free rugby analytics service available to individuals (not just organisations or sports teams)?

I'm interested in things like overall player rankings/scores, key performance indicators, caps, age, weight, and in terms of teams, kicking, number of mauls, rucks per game, etc. coaches years of experience, etc. Somethign beyond the depth available for free at ESPN, Ultimate Rugby, etc.
Unfortunately no. It's pretty much something along the lines of opta that teams use or nothing. If you want a real tedious data entry type j experience you can go wallabies.rugby and they have most international matches going back til 2015. They have a fair amount of the stats you are a looking before but they aren't collected.
As stated in the OP, I'm looking for something beyond than those available for free ESPN. Things like injury records, player ratings/scores overall and for match performances, age and weight, coach's experience, etc. are not included in your typical free online stat collections.
Rugby pass has some stuff but it has seemed to be wildly inacccurate, eg number of turnovers of a certain player in a season was less than what I had seen in a single game .
There must be demand for this (regular punters, content creators, indie developers/app creators,etc.). I wonder why it isn't being met by some or other company.

I've sent emails to five companies which advertise rugby data services and haven't got a single reply back. Seems like nobody wants to give away their data to people outside of clubs, national set ups, and schools, even as a paid for service.

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