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Red Dead Redemption

I'm loving this game, when i get to play it. i am at 52.7% so far, I have just left mexico and I am at the top right of the map, just above theives landing (i think thats what it is called, i have never been good at game place names lol) Could be New Austin, but meh who knows :)

Anyone else signed up to the social club (http://socialclub.rockstargames.com) If your at work, like me, you can have alook at your stats etc as well as other cool things.

I have also been playing "Gunslingers" on facebook alot since I dont get to play RDR on the ps3 as much as id like. its a basic RPG type game and it kills time easy :)

unfortunatly i looked on the social club page and accidently found out i have 15 main missions to go. I like to keep playing this kind of game and finding my way to the end by myself. Oh well my own stupid fault.

I still havnt found out how to cheat at poker yet, though I have had the odd duel, still trying to figure out what to do there as i skipped the tutorial, i was too eager to shoot someone :)
This next thing isn't a spoiler as it's just a small side mission, but why can't I get the scrap of outfit for winning five finger fillet at Tourqemada. I've won twice against different guys, do you have to win the third guys challenge (which is $25+)?
obviously i havnt done that yet :) ill let you know if i do that. i am not good at five finger fillet, i keep filleting my fingers :)
Do you have the fine suit? (think it's called that at least, you buy it in Thieves Landing)
I've never cheated at poker, but i know you need to be wearing that, then when you're dealing there's an option to press Y (pobably triangle on PS3) to take a card from the bottom of the deck

I signed up to the social club the other day, haven't done any of the achievements it gives you, yet, though.
oh yeah i just go that just before i quit the other day. i was going to do high stakes poker but i had to turn the playstation off (stupid fiance wanted to watch tv lol)

cheers for that, will see how i go later.
Cheating at poker does indeed require the elegant suit and there's a little mini game (that is very easy) each time you do any cheating action.

Your character always deals first, so press triangle on PS3 to steal a card from the bottom of the deck, which you can then swap for either of the two cards in your hand at any time (after another mini game). You always have the extra card from that point on (obviously it becomes whatever you swap it for), so you still have to win the hands of poker, but an extra card obviously gives you the edge. If you fail the mini game, you get caught and challenged to a duel (which can be fun in its own right).

It's not a guaranteed win, but it's a nice extra touch and very useful if you are half decent at poker and know when to use the extra card.
I still havnt found out how to cheat at poker yet, though I have had the odd duel, still trying to figure out what to do there as i skipped the tutorial, i was too eager to shoot someone :)

After you 'draw', move the reticle over the opponent and press right trigger to place shots, which fills up the meter in the bottom right corner. You get more in the bar for better placed shots (e.g. head) and also if you time the presses when the reticle shrinks to its smallest point (you'll notice it pulsing as you move it). The person with the fullest meter wins after a predetermined time, or if you completely fill your meter first.

Allegedly you can 'end' the duel in one shot if you hit the gun hand, but I'm yet to make this work...
i just unlocked mexico and went back to austin because i have some red sage to collect, and its too fun doing all the random stuff
i just want to know 1 thing - how do u know what breed horse they are?
i dont want to buy a deed, and i want the fastest, and i want to hunt it and break it
i feel all my horses are the same speed, except this caramel one, which seemed alot quicker than the others - but is now dead, thanks to mountain lion maulings
from what I have heard horse breed and which is better is just done by colour. so if you find a good one remember the colour of it.
So it's nothing like GUN where they're all identical?
Ok so i just finished the game and wow what an ending won't say any more. Can't wait for the next.
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right i went on the red dead wikia and investigated the horse issue - muliple breeds have different price tags n traits - so i knew what to look for - there are horses in the top tier for speed - Hungaran Half Bred, Kentuck Straddler, and an Americanbred.

Had a good search/hunt/dig, and found my perfect horse - but fark me what a debacle

i found the kentucky straddler - the creamy caramel horse in austin - caught it, and broke it in
then went to mexico to my place to save............i now had a kentucky straddler - one of the fastest 3 ponys in the game.
at my place there is a mini side mission to break in a horse from the local yard.............i go and do this, and to my amazement the mexican dick give me the steed - i now had acquired a poo brown piece of log, and my kentucky straddler has now disappeared
i am fuming, i go looking for the half bred hungarian - the whitest horse in the game, and also in the top tier of the speed category
found 3 of them roaming wild in mexico, caught one and broke it in..............what an amazing specimen, its not grey it farking WHITE - perfect, it like the never ending story
the thing flies, and after a few running around in no particular direction for miles, built a relationship and now its stamina is hendy like
this game isnt normal
well according to the socialclub website i hev 3 missions to go before i have completed the main game. i might get to them this arvo ;)

I am not enjoying these final missions at the moment, just seam a bit easy after going through some of the earlier missions. Its still cool to do as it adds to the story of John Marsden, but its lacking something.
The whole game has been easy but I'm not complaining it is still fun.

Dunno if I'm gonna bother trying to 100 percent it though.
I could've finished the story days ago, but have decided to try and 100% it. I'm 81.2% at the moment. Have held off on a few story missions in case I can't free roam the rest afterwards.
you can, i have finished the main story now and done a few other stranger missions afterwards.

Now, i have a glitch, i have no tailor in theives landing for the elegant suit, i have the other nice suit which gets me into the high stakes poker at blackwater by hooking my ps3 account to rockstars social network.

tried some ultiplayer today and in the free roam i was the only one in there, anyone else had that problem?
Try pressing select then choose another free roam session or play any other game type if you didn't know.
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I'm at 96.7% and just down to a handful of things now. Have just finished the story, so not much to get now. Might try and platinum this one.
This game is just ridiculously good.
thanks radman, yeah been doing that but after a while you get sick of pressing select al the time.

i think i have had a maximum of 2 people (including me) and that was once :)

I have lent the game out for the weekend so no playing that for me. Hoping to have my new pc here this weekend, been waiting 3 weeks.

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