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Well we love the ref or we hate them. Normally i dont like the ref by the end of the match. :)

So I thought, we do you think are the best refs and the worst ones.

Personanlly i dont like D Courtney (I think thats his name), because in the 6Nations he made to terrible mistakes against Scotland.

First one, as TMO he allowed Jonny Wilkinson's try when his foot was out. Secondly against France, he was touch judge, he got Sean Lamont sin-binned for something Rory Lamont did. I know they look alike but at the time Sean had blonde hair. Not that hard to tell the difference. I was raging.

So enough about me ranting on.

What about you!
David Changalan has to be the worst referee the world has ever seen. He is an utter cnut
It's either David or Malcolm Changleng that i absolutely despise...probably both. They are utter shite. As is Nigel Owens - TERRIBLE.

My favourite Ref has to be:

Alan Lewis.

Towards the end of the first investec challenge test against France at Twickenham this August, the french knocked the ball on five metres from their tryline. Is was so blatantly obvious to everyone on the stadium - blindingly so on the TV coverage. But no scrum. Chabal charged over for a try about five minutes later.

Oversights like that can really effect the momentum of a game - it meant that all our hard work went for nothing, and allowed the French to push us right back.

I'm not totally blaming Lewis for the loss though. That would be our own shocking inabillity to finish. How does Vickery not manage to plough through from three yards out?