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Regulation 9 - What's the point?


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Nov 16, 2017
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Kerevi - probably the form centre in the world at the moment - has pulled out of the European tour with the Wallabies following 'discussions' with his Japanese club. So, what exactly is the point of Regulation 9? have WR ever actually enforced it? When are WR going to actually start protecting the international game?

Hell even kickball with its bloated, corrupt and club oriented game can manage proper international windows. How is the game supposed to grow when even tier 1 nations are losing access to their players? Pretty pathetic all in all and diminishes my view of the game.
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Football may have international windows but players make themselves unavailable all the time

I come from the other side where too many internationals and meaningless competitions (both club and international) is whats killing rugby and having the best players involved in clubs comps is actually how we'll grow rugby

you might bag football, but its the most popular sport in the world so there must be some lessons to be learnt for their bloated club oriented approach

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