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Round 11: Reds v Stormers



Reds (ranked 11th) take on the Stormers (ranked 12), both teams are evenly matched. The Reds maybe without key players due to injury but have shown that they can win without out them plus they are coming off a win against SA’s mighty Bulls.
The Stormers should that they can attack against the Chiefs last week and will want to get points on the board plus is they can beat the Reds then they have bragging rights over the Bulls.
Reds will win. The Stormers backline have not lived up to expectations, and the Reds pack just keeps on improving (even though their pack was crushed by the Sharks, and the Reds forwards beat an overrated Bulls pack).

Reds to win this by 8 points.
The boys will be riding the win from next week all the way to full-time at Suncorp on Friday night. This will be the first game I rock up to since the Waratahs match.
hard to pick this one. 2 of the teams from the bottom part of the competition ladder. may not be the brightest of games to watch and could be a bit dull but nevertheless it is still a game in the super 14. stormers just don't quite have the skill to win a close game i don't think so I think the reds can pull of the win just.
13-3 to the reds at half time.

Have been watching this game and working a few things out... both teams have a lot of potential (the Stormers actually have a lot more)... the problem comes down to both coaches should be shot. Serious.

Won't comment on the Reds but the Stormers forward pack must lose a lot of heart watching their backs screw it up time and time again. There are a lot of players for the Stormers who should be playing different positions... 10 to 15, 15 to 14, 12 to 13, 13 to 12... if anyone watches this game again and watches closely you'll see what I mean.
Hold the fort... reds are starting to get pumped... (24-13 to the Stormers after 57 mins).

Originally posted by JJ-@Apr 21 2006, 11:58 PM
Except people that don't rate the Reds at all...

<<< ---

Yes me.
:lol: nice one jj.

what was it, 3 tries in 5 min? not a bad effort!
Originally posted by Dumbo@Apr 22 2006, 12:36 AM
Hey JJ - there's a comp here for picking the games... ummm your not part of it
Yeah, I know, I've seen it. I suppose I should've done it but I am doing the TelecomVirtualRugby.co.nz picking comp, so I can prove I backed the Stormers.

I suppose that the TRF comp is probably who you meant by everyone but hey, thought I'd chuck my comment in.
:blink: Well done Mountain Goats :bravo: You proved me wrong. Somehow the backline eventually managed to click, and perform. Keep winning for the rest of the season, and the Cape Town faithful may forgive you.

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