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Round 14: Bulls v Reds



The mighty Bulls take on the Reds in Pretoria.
Think with a semi’s spot available for the Bulls that they will steam roll this one
The Bulls won`t be as merciful as the Stormers were, letting in those 2 soft tries. They`ll also be more ruthless, and put 40+ over the Reds. It`s been painful to watch the way the once-proud Reds have plummeted the depths this season- they`ve looked more like a bunch of Diet rugby converts than union players. Expect the Bulls to pummel them in the forwards, grinding out inches at a time, until the floodgates open in the last 20 minutes.
I really don't see how the reds can win this one. bulls at home and chasing a semi spot. bulls on paper and form should win by plenty
I allmost wonder if I should even watch this game.

Allthough it's going to be right afte the Sharks Stormers game, so it might help get the bad taste out of my mouth seeing a SA team squashing an ozzie side :mellow:
suddenly this game has become really important.

If the bulls win with a point margin of 45 points then that would put them 3rd and hopefully they won't have to play the sharks in the semi. (*this is in the scenario that the Sharks win against the stormers and finnish the log at 1st*).

tightest S14 finals ever, well for me anyway.

I mean we still obviously have to consider the fact that if the brumbies win with a large enough point margin (*it'd have to be pretty big though*) and the sharks lose, they could effectively knock the sharks out of the semis.

.... my brain hurts :mellow:
Well now, here`s an interesting scenario- if the Bulls clean up with a 5-pointer, as they should by all accounts do, this`ll leave 3 teams tied on 42 points, making points difference the deciding factor.

Now, here`s the interesting point- should the Sharks win, as expected, they`ll go top of the log. If the Bulls get the 5-pointer, it`ll be somewhere between 2nd and 4th for them, depending on the winning margin. The Bulls will need a +72 points diff. to move into 2nd place on the log. Now, over the last 3 seasons, the Bulls have thrived on this type of scenario- a massive points difference victory required in order to ensure 3rd or 4th position on the log, and they`ve delivered.

So can the Bulls pull a 72-pointer in the last round, to secure a home semi? Or would it be a 45-pointer for 3rd? Or anything less for a 4th? So yeah, this game has suddenly become very interesting. Very interesting indeed.
Nah I think the Bulls wouldn't make it that far (72 point margin) but I do believe they'll win with a bonus point.

Bulls by 45
Throughout this game I found myslef screaming.


Bulls 92 - 3 Reds

Biggest victory in Super rugby history, and to top it off 2 South african semi finals !!!!!!!!!!

Ole Ole Ole Ole!!! WELL DONE BULLE!!!!!

Warning to the Crusaders and Blues. WE ARE READY!!!
Outstanding performance from the Bulls. :cheers:

Nah I think the Bulls wouldn't make it that far (72 point margin) but I do believe they'll win with a bonus point.

Bulls by 45

Shame on me but I forgot to add a 'plus' sign at the end of 45. :lol:
wally your team truly sucks.

well this is now very interesting with both african teams having the home advantage and the prospect of an all SA final meaning SA could have their first super 14 final. blues and crusaders better be on the plane asap to have any chance.
2 South African teams in
2 New Zealand teams in (could've been 3)
2 Australian teams out

Don't get me wrong...Wallabies are a threat to all RWC teams.

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