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Round 2: Chiefs v Hurricanes

I've always thought Anesi was crap and his speed is overrated, especially since he bulked up he was only quick as a sprinter back in Sa and he has awful acceleration and deceleration which is why he was always crap at 7's. Add to this his poor agility and inability to step and you get a 32 year old who can step his ass with ease.
Smith and Masaga were awesome to watch. Hosea was great in this game but let's face it the defense was shocking throughout and that's probably why he shined more than usual. At international level with tight d's big wingers like him lose a lot of their effectiveness and as for his speed well he doesn't look much faster than rico and definitely doesn't possess his silky smooth running style.
Despite being such a strange, error ridden game I really enjoyed it. Weird.
indeed...but it took rico till he was 27 to cut the all blacks..he is much faster then rico..as stated by rico himself in the nzrugbyworld magazine..the april issue of 2005 i believe..(yes i collect them..)

hes only 23/24...and you are right about big wingers..cohen and the likes get shut down easier today..but id like hosea gear to prove that stereo type wrong...he is quality..always plays like this in the npc level..an he has brought shines of it 2 this level..

you are absolutely right about anesi....poor fella..shouldve stayed wit samoa
Damn I was really looking forward to this game! Always the best game of the year for me. I got me self some free tickets and thought YES we will win! but NO!!! :eek:

Chiefs D was horrifying! The first try was down to having NO gard dogs, now thats high school stuff. Then we just couldn't contain their outside back. Nonu broke through our line 5 times right infront of me! our on offence we just wernt finishing! Simple stuff that makes the difference between top and bottom teams!

Now to SA :S

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