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Round 4: Stormers v Highlanders

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i use to hate this guy..but i swear he is the most vibrant enthusiastic player in the whole game!!!!..right now he is a major attraction to the stormers coz he is freakin funny

"full of bull"a comradie is the man!!!...dudes a mini circus on the football field :D :lol: :D :lol: ..im enjoy the fact he aint as serious as the rest of the players and has alotta fun on the field..in a sort of good natured meets clownish type way :bravo: ..

hes awesome..hes like watching an under 12s game :p ..

home soil...im backing the stormers but highlanders will be the dark horse this season..no one really cares about them in the media so distractions from there game plan shouldnt be an excuse unless they dont execute it..
We will win.

Stormers pack is ****, and their backs aren't that great. So aslong as we can keep the ball it should be comfterble enough.
From Allblacks.com

"The Highlanders have been forced to cancel a training session in Cape Town after a health scare that has affected several members of the squad.

The New Zealand franchise will square off against the Stormers at Newlands on Sunday morning but a bout of food poisoning has the side struggling to prepare..."

Well there you go, food poisoning in South Africa, now where have I heard that before...
Well...the Stormers just put in the worst performance i think i've ever seen..... i mean they did everything wrong, it was so embarrassing the Stormer fans started leaving 10-15 min into the second half.

On a positive not for them, Joubert(sp?) made his long awaited return and Benjamin continues to impress........ he has to be odds on to get a test spot at the end of the year on the opposite wing to Habana.
Impresive result for the Highlanders, speicaly their number 12.
I'm Stoked, I backed the Highlanders on this one.

Lots of errors from both sides, still there was some good breaks by boths sides.
This is not looking good fo R2007. I have been playing with the stormers for a while when we play super rugby yet with each new ea game the stormers stats get worse.

Well done the Highlanders. Still puzzles me why SA provincial rugby is not as strong as NZ.
One word for that display by the Stormers: SOFT you would think after Benjamin scored that awesome try it might inspire the team but no they played the same aweful way as usual.

De Wet is not captaincy material he probably shouldn't even be in the team when Jean de Villiers and Marius Joubert are 100% fit.

Schalk Britz should either learn how to play like a actual hooker or switch to loose forward cause his lineout throwing sucks and so does his scrumming.

2005 all over again! :wall:
Ummmm no :mellow:

He did play ok though, at the moment I would have him any day over Neil de KAK!

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