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Round 6 - Chiefs & Reds



Reds need a rest to stop and have a think about things after a scratchy win over the lowly Force.
Chiefs need time for someone to knock off Byron I HATE YOUR GUTS Kelleher.
If she keeps him from wearing the Chiefs jersey ever again - then I love her.
If she keeps him from wearing the Silver Fern ever again - then I'll dedicate my next ten cranks to her.
Well, let me rephrase that. Would you still hate him if he`s invinting you to share his porn star playmate?
OK I'm good with that, can I bring my local indoor cricket team and if so can the whole club come along or just selected members?
There`s room for all, just take a number ! You are not allowed with bats tho :D :D

No need for Kelleher to know , she wants to surprise him so she needs some training before :D
reason why i pick weepu ahead of kelleher all the time is that weepu plays to the gameplan,hes not greedy(kelleher does some very selfish things) and hes totally aware of his actions....which byron usually slips on

both teams need a good rest anyways...and since elton flatley has gone,reds gonna need some readjusting in gameplans

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