Round 6: Highlanders v Reds

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Dumbo, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    The Highlanders take on the Reds in sunny Dunedin.
    Both come off a loss last week and both will be looking for a win.
    Should be a close game, fingers crossed for the Highlanders that Nick Evans gets another run and the bad news is that Clinton Schifcofske maybe out with a hand injury.

    In this one I’m going for the Highlanders, at home they are a different team plus with Nick Evans…
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  3. Wally

    Wally Guest

    The Reds had little depth before they lost 12 players to injury. Now it's just ridiculous. When Rodney Blake goes under the knife (he'll be the fourth prop to go down) after the Highlanders game, Queensland will have to play with uncontested scrums until they can draft someone in. At the moment they are looking at a former Hurricanes prop living on the Gold Cost, still a year off being legible.
  4. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Wooow, hard days ahead?
  5. Juggernaut

    Juggernaut Guest

    The Reds are well and truly f**ked this season.

    Jeez, with 12 of their first choice players out and coke snorting ex-leaguie back....I'd be surprised if the Reds can keep the score below 20.

    Highlanders by 20+.
  6. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Think the Reds forward pack is in for a hard game, so far (admittedly outside of the Blues game) they have been looking pretty good in the front row and Blackie and Co see to be gettign around the park and doing their work load.

    Cowan, Evans... good half combo... is Waqalotsofletters fit to play?
  7. esoj

    esoj Guest

    reds are in big trouble with injury. blake is going under the knife after the highlanders game and their other contracted prop ben coutts has disloacted his shoulder twice in a week so will proabbly need surgery too. this leaves them with none of their 5 contracted props for the rest of the season. some guy banned from league ernst skelton has been drafted into the squad. can't see anything but a highlanders win

    full story on reds injury crisis
  8. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Where's Wally?
  9. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Highlanders midfield back Jason Kawau is out... sounds like bit of late night got the better of him (stitches to his lip).
  10. Apparently he got hit by a garbage bin... :huh:
  11. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Yup, think someone threw it at him.
  12. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    HIghlanders at home, nuff said (hopefully) :p
  13. The TRUTH

    The TRUTH Guest

    Highlanders: 15 Glen Horton, 14 Lucky Mulipola, 13 Matthew Saunders, 12 Aaron Bancroft, 11 Viliame Waqaseduadua, 10 Nick Evans, 9 Jimmy Cowan, 8 Ezra Taylor, 7 Josh Blackie ©, 6 Craig Newby, 5 James Ryan, 4 Hoani MacDonald, 3 Chris King, 2 Jason MacDonald, 1 Clarke Dermody.
    Replacements: 16 David Hall, 17 Jamie Mackintosh, 18 Kane Thompson, 19 Alando Soakai, 20 Toby Morland, 21 Callum Bruce, 22 James Wilson

    Reds: 15 Andrew Walker, 14 Brando Va'alu, 13 Ben Tune, 12 Berrick Barnes, 11 Peter Hynes, 10 Quade Cooper, 9 Nic Berry, 8 John Roe, 7 David Croft, 6 Mitch Chapman, 5 James Horwill, 4 Ed O'Donoghue, 3 Rodney Blake, 2 Sean Hardman, 1 Herman Hunt
    Replacements: 16 Oli Avei, 17 Ernest Skelton, 18 Cameron Treloar, 19 Tom McVerry, 20 Will Genia, 21 Lloyd Johansson, 22 Charlie Fetoai

    Go Reds!
  14. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Go Highlanders!

    Still there's still a bit of quality out there for the Reds.
    John Roe has been a stand out performer every week.
    Berrick Barnes has really stepped up this year (and am not sure why he's playing 12... I'd leave him at 10).
    Ben Tune has been not the Ben Tune of old but that age for you but still a good defensive player

    And Andrew Walker at Fullback... careful there's a lot of room to go walk about back there. Just kidding will be interesting to see how he goes, for mine thought Eddie what have put him in th ehot seat and a bit closer to the action... like 12 with Barnes at 10.

    But I guess with out a standout super 14 fullback what do you do?

    Think he's not going to have a good time of it back there though... watch for Evans to give him a lot of 'air time' with the up and under. Also he'll be the lastman infront of Waqaseduadua when's he's heading for the try line. Walker's not big enough or fast enough for mine.
  15. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Reds by 60.
  16. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Thats the way Wally - never say die!

    Only 60?
  17. Wally

    Wally Guest

    I'm doing the conservative thing this week.
  18. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Now I know the Highlanders will win. Wallys always out by at least 70 :p
  19. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Just who the f&*k is Quade Cooper?

    How is that guy? what a find... brilliant effort from the young guy.
    Reds showed a lot of guts in this one, I'd say if it was't for Evans then the Reds would have had this one in the bag... Quade Cooper... I'm going to remember that name for a while.
  20. esoj

    esoj Guest

    reds did well but not quite enough to win. evans defintely played well and got the highlanders out of a sticky situation.
  21. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Same age as me. We went to different schools but I used to see him out last year a fair bit. Australia don't have to worry about playmakers after Larkham retires with him and Beale around.
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