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Round 7 - Highlanders v Cats



highlanders ranked 7th take on the Cats (13th on the ladder) at home, Highlanders without Evans should be able to beat the Cat's.
An upset is on the cards!!! I think the Cats can come close to beating the Highlanders
I'm still going for the Highlanders, been back over a week, Evans is out but the replacement will have learnt some valuable lessons from the last game (his kicking for touch is the main reason the Highlanders lost last week), but if the Highlanders field Cowan in the starting 15 then yup they could easily loose.
LOL, Cats are hapless. On the other side Otago can`t afford another loss if they want to hope for a place in the semis.

Anyway, Cats manage a splendid second half vs Brumbies (they won 7-3) and a similar first half vs Crusaders (12-12), now if they`ll combine those in this game then Highlanders will be in all sorts of trouble !
Surprised that the Highlanders don't use Smylie more... he's some sort of NPC best of... Cowan's a tool, tool for the Highlanders, tool for the All Blacks... tool... Him and Byron I HATE YOUR GUTS, IT'S A SHAME VICTOR DIDN'T SMACK YOU HARDER Kelleher - tools.
From what I have heard the Highlanders will

Rest Hayman
Might bring back Blowers
Rest one of the locks
Bring back Blackie
Newby will be back
Smylie could be in
Rest either one or both of the midfielders
Bring in Kinikinilau for either of Kahui or Delasau.

So could be an interesting Highlanders team for Saturday.

I just wish they had rested key players for the Bulls game and been happy with 8 points from SA.
highlanders should be too good especially after another week back in nz. the cats are just crap really to say the least.
Hopefully Otago will underrate them too and perhaps Cats will benefit from that
Head to Head:
Highlanders: 1 - Nick White, 2 - Anton Oliver (Captain), 3 - Clarke Dermody, 4 - Filipo Levi, 5 - James Ryan, 6 - Hale T-Pole, 7 - Josh Blackie, 8 - Craig Newby, 9 - Jimmy Cowan, 10 - Callum Bruce, 11 - Richard Kahui, 12 - Jason Kawau, 13 - Neil Brew, 14 - Roy Kinikinilau, 15 - Ben Blair.
Reserves: 16 - Jason MacDonald, 17 - Carl Hayman, 18 - Tom Donnelly, 19 - Adam Thomson, 20 - Chris Smylie/Toby Morland, 21 - Ryan Bambry, 22 - Seilala Mapusua.

Cats: 1 - Pietman van Niekerk, 2 - Delarey Du Preez, 3 - Marius Hurter, 4 - Gordon Gilfillan, 5 - Willem Stoltz, 6 - Gerhard Vosloo, 7 - Wikus van Heerden (Captain), 8 - Cobus Grobbelaar,, 9 - Jano Vermaak, 10 - Earl Rose, 11 - Grant Esterhuizen, 12 - Wayne Julies, 13 - Jaque Fourie, 14 - Wylie Human, 15 - Conrad Jantjes.
Reserves: 16 - Lukas van Biljon, 17 - Lawrence Sephaka, 18 - Altenstadt Hulme, 19 - Ernst Joubert, 20 - Dave von Hoesslin, 21 - Doppies la Grange, 22 - Tiaan Snyman
Hayman on the bench?
Highlanders 16 (Roy Kinikinilau try, Ben Blair conversion, 3 penalty goals)
Cats 14 (Gerhard Vosloo, Earl Rose tries, Rose 2 conversions).
Originally posted by Rassie@Mar 28 2006, 04:23 PM
We spent 70% of the time in their half!
And I think the Cats also had 60% of the possession. :blink:

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