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Round 8. Blues v Waratahs

Toeava had another good game.. Unlucky not to get a try, but he always seems to be there in support..
He stood out more than Tuqiri..

Wouldn't be surprised if Toeava makes the All Blacks again ahead of Nonu..

Toeava is definitely the future centre for the All Blacks
he is in awesome form...i dunno yet..the only thing he lacks is experience in the really top games..sure hes played tests here in there for the ab's..and a super14 final in the fog..but he had a load of baby sitters on him to guide him..this year he seems more free and more of the stand up player...come finals time it will be interesting to see him take his role to the next level...the finals will be very pivotal for his selection in the ab's..that is where he needs to stand up

henry has made it known he is loyal to his stable of players so it will be more then just form to get ice backin black

I thought the Tahs did very well to keep the score down in the second half.

The Blues are running IMO at 80% of their potential. Just like the Crusaders of old they may very well peak at the business end.

There is a different atmosphere in the Blues outfit. I have not seen that team unity since the days of Fitzpatrick and the Brooke brothers.
still a few rounds left yet before the semis but the blues are looking in good touch. it proabbly is still a tad early for toeava but he defintely has potenial and may just well be on the plane to france. I don't think anyone will forget that try in the air nz cup last year where he just blew past 4 guys with ease to the line. just imagaine that runing off someone like carter and sivivatu etc. his time will come but maybe not just yet.
lolz, was that the match against Wellington where he zoomed past 4 All Black defenders? rofl
That was an awesome try

Henry seems to like Toeava, so I'm not surprised if he is picked.. I mean, it was Henry who wanted Toeava at centre, if my memory serves me correct
he just wanted him in the allblacks...people seem 2 forget that he plays 10,12 and fullback...hopefully he keeps intact with those other skills it may come in handy in the future

but as a centre he bar far the best going around in new zealand...hes only 20! lol
hes not even a fullback..
at De La Salle College he was 10..

They moved him to 12 when representing NZ at age group level..

However, he did play fullback when he played league in his younger years.

Now that he's got size, he's an excellent centre. Due to him being able to play 1st five, he has the vision and the distribution skills to make him dangerous along with his size and speed.

I'd just like him to be more aggressive in the tackle ball area, and to work on turning over the ball, like Umaga and Conrad Smith. I reckon if he can do that consistently, he'll be the complete package
There is no doubting that Toeava has the talent to become a test regular, there are just a few little things that he needs to tidy up. His handling skills need a bit of work, and his decion making under pressure also.
he has been playing 13 for the blues and I think that will proabbly be where his ab future is but I think he will always have the skill to play one other position as well. just like mils is awesome at 13 and 15. world cup spots are limited and being able to play more than one position could be the key for some getting on the plane ahead of others.

and just an aside how good is flavell going. he is defintely playing well so far and is right in the frame for the all blacks imo.
Nucifora should be the obvious choice for Wallaby coach once Connolly steps down. Two semi-finals appearances and one premiership in three years at the Brumbies, and its quite possible he'll take the Blues to the same heights as well.
Has Connolly confirmed he will leave at the end of this year, no matter the RWC outcome?
yer, but hes not really a fullback.. He was just put there to fill a gap.. He was put in the All Blacks cos he was U19 IRB player of the year, and he was a utility player.. Able to play any position in the backline, probably not halfback though..

It's like saying Carter is a fullback, after playing there a bit for the Crusaders..
and just an aside how good is flavell going. he is defintely playing well so far and is right in the frame for the all blacks imo.

For sure. ruben thorne better watch his back!
Don't know why he was dropped from the Brumbies and then not picked for the Wallabies position.
mimic..if he is playing in a 15 jersey he is a fullback...

he did consistantly well there for the canes last season..he is a centre now coz he has a 13 jersey...

he is a 10 aswell as i have noted earlier..dont be silly and stop playing with yourself