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Rovers win Super League place

And they fully deserved their win, good on them. I don't see them surviving next season though.
I think that apart from this season none of the lower teams are that exciting.

Personally I think that now is the time to expand the Superleague to fourteen teams, fairly big teams like Widnes and Leigh are stuck in national league one when teams which aren't altogether that more important or big are in the Superleague, having teams like Widnes stuck in lower divisions would be damaging to these clubs.

Plus, it's not often you see European soccer style flairs at Knowsley Road. ;)
True, we're used to flair on the pitch instead. Much better!

I understand the idea of expanding Super League, but I do not see what Widnes and particularly Leigh add to the competition apart from certain relegation. A few decent crowds and good history but they're generally garbage.

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