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Hello!i'm a new italian's member.Can anyone help me to update rugby 06?what are the best file or mod for update this great game?thank you to all!this is a great forum!
well, that would depend on what you would like to update. If you want to update the roster click the link in my sig :)

(oh reps are always good on this site :) )
ok.this program tell me a file *.ros,but i don't have this.Where is the roster?

This is my ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA test. I need to know everything that it is not doing correctly.

I only created a new thread just to make it easier to find this program

most information for this program i have received from here.

if you have any more knowledge of where data goes please post it in here as well

As far as i know it works fine.

Extract this file into a directory (any directory) then run the R2k6editor.exe file.

You will(should) be asked to enter the directory of your roster file. This is also to the file that you want to be editing. eg "C:/Documents and Setting/%user name%/My Documents/EA Sports/EA SPORTS Rugby 06/bleh.ros/bleh.ros" where bleh is the name you have saved your roster to (you will need to have saved a roster in game.

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