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Rugby '08 Lag



I've read somewhere else that some of you guys had some problems with lagging in the game. I've experienced it aswell but I hope it's my problem and not the game in general. Because it's nothing to just get an extra gig of RAM, but if it's the game... Ouch.

Everytime I play France vs Ireland on Lyon, and when I boot the ball and the cam zooms out it lags big-time. Really strange.

Someone please help me out here... :huh:
try changing the screen size to 800x600 and make sure you have nothing running in the back ground! that will eat up ur resources
I had the problem for a little bit until i killed processes in the background. like if you have filesharing programs that will lag your game pretty bad.

i dont have any problems otherwise.
No that's awesome to see. Because that means that the problem's with me, not the game.

Cheers anyways, guys.

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