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Rugby 08 Mods



Hey guys, have you seen this website "http://www.sportsgamer.com/sports/hockey". It's a website for NHL 07 (and 06, 05, 04) and full of mods for the PC game.

We should be able to do what they doing in time of course. They created mods for the game AI, ice rinks, jerseys, etc. Nearly any kind of mods...you'll find. But they prob have a lot more guys interested in ice hockey than we do for Rugby.

How cool would it be to have so many mods for rugby 08. Not sure why I'm posting this but thought it might be interesting to know that for other EA ***les guys are making tons of mods.

So in time we should be able to make a mod for the AI in Rugby 08 to make it more challenging.


Rock on!
Ozzy........or anyone out there.....

If you had to rate the players in your favourite team realistically eg. South Africa or Sharks,.....& then up the ratings on all the other teams & players to a very high level....do you think that would help to make the game more challenging? just a thought.
Dude -- just do what I do.

Pick two teams,
Let's say the Reds versus the Sharks at... Durbs.

Then flick a coin (heads being home, tails being away), say the coin lands on tails, then play for the away team - then when half-time comes, go into the menu and switch sides - so that (in-this-case) you now play for the home team.

So let's say it's the end of the first half (and considering you're so godly) let's say the score is: 3-22, you leading. Then, when the second half starts, you're the Sharks and you have now some serious catching-up to do - if you wanna pull them out of the ****. =P (as-in the team you're controlling in the second-half)

I honestly have great fun playing like this. And the scores you'll find actually reflect real life scores. Lately I keep getting scores like: 22-29, 36-39. But that ofcourse, is when you play teams that's matched rather evenly. It's awesome dude. Haha - I've even had one like, 48 - 52. But that is sorta rare. And if the scores get too high -- just simply bring down the game-time, from 10 minutes-per-side games, to 5 minutes-per-side.

So in reality, what it comes down to is pretty much you playing against your own strength.

Just don't be BIASED!! :p Set a score, and then try and beat it. B)
Thats sounds like a pretty good idea Dakbok..............Thanks for the input, will give that a try!
This is handsdown the thread of the year. Now, back to studying. Dum dum dum