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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by jgough, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. jgough

    jgough Guest

    List your tips here to help other games be playing like a pro in no time...

    Thought we might get all of these in one place.

    * Keep the ball close to your forwards - if you start going 'bush' and sending your isolated players out on solo missions you're going to lose possession.

    * The 2nd Five gap - It's always there, and it won't take you long to notice this one. If you pass out to your 2nd Five (Inside Centre), there will almost always usually be a gap in the CPU defence.

    (Well, I've only had it for a day, so I can't help too much more at the moment. This is more about your tips than mine, I'll post more when I learn them.)

    'Com on, don't be shy, post ya tips!

    Jamie Gough
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  3. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    off the scrum set play:

    choose classic and pass to 'X' (ps2 version)

    garaunteed mad line break, straight and hard
    GET BOD!!!!!!!
  4. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    Kicking ... I play sideview so I'm not sure how some of this might apply to classic view people?

    ...certain players are good at kicking, the majority of the rest are not! don't expect great kicks all the time

    - always give the ball to your flyhalf if you want to penetrate with kicks... if your flyhalf isn't in position to recieve the ball from a ruck (perhaps he's at the bottom of the ruck!), just play some crash ball until he is free the next time around.

    - don't always go for great length, you get more time to adjust the direction of your kick if you don't hold X (PS2 controller) for as long... this works best if you are just inside the opponents half and want to kick right into the corner... to much power and you give the ball away cheaply
    (the longer you hold X, the quicker the kick will occur, as the arrow will reach its optimum length quicker)

    - to avoid an opponent fullback when kicking, aim for the touchline first then push for distance, this will shorten your distance but hopefully ensure that you are not immediately on the defensive when the FB plucks your kick from the air. Pushing left or right for distance first and then angling the kick for touch can sometimes leave you with a long kick, but thats no use if it never goes out of play!

    - for grubber kicks, generally it is best to not attempt them when an opponent is within tackle distance... if ur in the middle of a kick and get tackled its nearly always a knock-on from you

    - there's less chance of a grubber kick going out of touch (with some amazing ball phisics) if you can get the "green kick arrow" to extend to its fullest

    - up-an-under's... again, the less you press the button, the further the kick will go, I've found with these types of kick that the arrow actually gets higher and shorter if you prolong the button press... so a quick press and extend the distance with the directional push

    - EDIT: Brain malfunction, lemon got it restarted... see the bugs thread for what I was actually thinking of!!! [​IMG]

    - try your best to spear tackle the opposing flyhalf when hes trying to kick to safety from inside his 22 from a ruck/maul/scrum... get him and he will knock on/drop the ball for your forwards to pounce on very close to their line... a simple pick and go move from the ensuing ruck should get you a nice 5 points

    - when defending an opponents kick into your 22 from midfield, I find it generally better to not hit L2 to change player control, as normally this will change to your fullback and seeing as you can't see where where he is, its best to let the AI attempt to catch/collect the ball for you until the camera has caught up with the play/player

    ... thats all I can think of at the moment... its by no means a definitive guide, but its just some of the ideas I've come up with from extended play ... and I like to kick alot
  5. umosay

    umosay Guest

    -If your running down the wing, cut back infield and pass to the supporting players in the middle, who normally finish it off

    -Run from the ruck with halfback depending on which way he arrives from

    eg. if they are running across field from left to right, dart off right because he is facing that way and he won't get stuck in the traffic, plus it helps if he is facing side-on too
  6. ninjapirate

    ninjapirate Guest

    be rupeni caucau.
  7. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    The "pre pass" button..........

    Something I use a lot if you are having trouble breaking through the midfield.........

    When passing along the backline try hitting the pass button prior to the receiver getting the ball - this does one of two things to this receiving player........

    1. In midfield, upon receiving the ball his next pass will quite often be a "cut" ie. the guy next in line will actually cut back inside the passer on an angled run in the opposite direction.

    2. If done out wider it will result in a very quick,short, flatter pass by this player to an outside man running on at pace - especially effective if this player happens to be a flyer like Howlett etc as the gap is generally there for them.

    I quite often mix up a long ball, followed by the "pre pass" in order to get the ball out to the wing on a bit of a flyer.
  8. viperun

    viperun Guest

    can anyone tell me how to do a chip kick on the xbox version

    thanks in advance
  9. lemon

    lemon Guest

    FYI dude, charge downs are not knock-on's in actual rugby either. [​IMG]
  10. raziel_eire

    raziel_eire Guest

    well thats me told ! [​IMG]

    ... consider the previous post edited!!!

    In seriousness tho, I actually messed that bit up whilst thinking of a bug in the game... if you charge a kick down and the ball crosses the touchline, the lineout is given against the kicking team as opposed to against you, who actually touched it last. Thanks for getting my brain working again lemon... unless of course I'm actually wrong again?

    (but what a fantastic tip, eh? its even in the rules of the game!!! [​IMG] )
  11. top gun

    top gun Guest

    do pick & go's around the ruck area if their defense is spread, use the speed button with this & you can get good yardage, if the blindsides open do this with the halfback.

    throwing to the front of the lineout is guaranteed ball & you can get about 10 metres drive before giving it to the backs.
  12. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    * Bombs tend to come down mid-screen - if you've lost sight of it's direction or of the shadow....hang mid-screen and it will often drop into your arms (this is b/c the camera essentially follows the ball)

    * Don't be afraid to pull out your own steps with analogue stick

    * The flat-footed first five 'problem' (This is often the case in real rugby actually):

    - Throw a pre-pass button flick when the pass has left the half-back..i.e. Spencer catches and sends it straight on into the back-line, which is usually now on the

    - rush off the the back of rucks with the half-back in either direction and pass to a back-line that is now flying.....(great deduction pre-game-owning by GG - exceptional).

    - call a move....and keep calm (lol).

    * Jumping DOES work and IS important....timing will be required however.

    * Don't click on the fullback if a large punt has gone in - this is the onlt reason people are mstakenly blaming the FB for not getting the kicks. if you let the CPU control it will either go straight to which case you immediatelt take control of him and return a run or kick.....OR...the kick wasn't catchable and was always going to land away from you (this does!).

    * when kicking - aim before bring up kicking arrow. In side view people are probably kicking a lot to the fullback....This is b/c they are bringing up the kicking arrow and THEN aiming it.....NO! NO! NO!....aim your self and then bring up the kicking will srart finding touch and beating the fb and wgs....
    ALSO - at the last second as the kick is about to be unleashed....You can pull back in the opposite direction to the kick for a fraction of a second and it will give the kick a touch more loft and thus carry...sweet.

    * Dummy works v well.....sorry Locksley - you da man in some respects, but saying xbox dummy works and PS2's doesn't etc says more about how you were playing the PS2 version - "I have played free play for 45 minutes and there is definitely no dummies"..? That is what was said. pass and then defeat the pass by pressing the other pass before the ball has left the hand from the wind-up. It is very effective and sure be used realistically....
    i.e. the first-five takes the ball and advances momentarily...throws a huge dummy out the backline and then twists back and around the scrum or maul to ruck to the blind side....heads towards the opposite winger and takes the tackle while popping a pass out to Howlett who goes DOWNTOWN!!! How you beat the FB is your own business! Just smoke him!!

    * Kicking at goal = The arrow is a trick little so-and-so - pushing it forward actually makes it go HIGHER not also begins at too steep an angle - it needs to be brought flatter - this will make kicks a more natural, flatter trajectory and they will not move across the posts after being launched unnecessarily into the stratosphere....
    Hitting left and right of the indicator at the bottom - hits the kick accordingly - left or right.

    * Pass the ball a split-second b4 you were going know what I mean! lol!

    * Tackling - as GG said (again brilliant!!) - if you launch the dive tackle late and straight it produces shoulder to face and body tackles that can dislodge the ball occasionally as in real life....v satisying.

    * Defence - sure you can run into them now and then - but put the onus on yourself to make the tackles - all of them - It's much The Game!

  13. abes58

    abes58 Guest

    Best way to do a chip kick is pick the classic set play then press the first five button (the guy with the ball)... it's the Y button me thinks. He'll kick it diagonally and your backs can normally run onto it. Safest way is to dive on the ball for a ruck.

    Found grubbers to be really difficult and ineffective so the chip is the next best option
  14. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Grubbers are great! Pick your moment and hold them longer....

    More Tips =

    * Spend ten minutes on scrimmage on Practise mode - it's worth just free play against another team and you can try a few things out.

    * the defence likes to keep a line - so you can jog or run your moves at times - what I mean is this: you DON"T have to have a finger on sprint the whole time! Trust me, when I say (as does the tip in the instruction booklet) that changing from run to sprint well timed and even combined with a step more effective than zooming everywhere b/c the defense zooms with you - just like real life.

    * Alter the squads of the teams you play against and with.....This takes only a couple of swapping the best players or correct players in the My Rugby menu so that their strongest line-ups are represented......some wings in the Super 12 for example are not up to scratch but some of the replacements are devastating...
    EG - The Chiefs have Randle on the bench - 96 speed. Ouch. I like testing myself against the likes of his gas.

    * Rucks are not random and they are easy to follow - people playing sideview, in which the ball itself is clearly seen will understand this. The instructions are also v accurate in terms of what's going on in there......

    What!? You think the winger loses it every time and that's unfair!?
    I say, no way rugby when you hit the deck isolated the opposition has all rights to the ball - goota release. the rule is perfect.
    Sooooo......continue the move i.e. pass back in-field, or grubber ahead, chip, bomb, OR pull a special move step/fend.barge etc...into the tackle - this buys you a second (like real life) and allows the forwards a chance to catch up....will lose the ball 50% less than you are.

    * TIP - when you make a break that isn't going to net an individual try - slow down!!! There's nothing wrong with looking for support and buying yourself a second.

    * When throwing it freestyle out the backline....feel free to go from the first five BACK the other way to your winger running an inside line and then have him pass BACK to the first-five again who has now drifted wider naturally and then go from him to your backline - can create deviations in their defensive pattern and free up your outsides easier too....

    * scrums can be turned and twisted - don't be so shy on that analogue stick.

    ENJOY!! [​IMG]
  15. dr4gon

    dr4gon Guest

    Some nice tips there Los!

    Good work
  16. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Thanks! I really studied it....

    I've always had a knack for working out how to be the ultimate - but getting so excited when I play that inevitably it is close anyway!! It's like they know how much ass I wanna whoop and then bring out the running rugby on me etc....!! lol.

    After 4 games of the super 12 I was 3 wins, 1 loss...and my points diff was +7....

    some v close contests....and attractive rugby...

    Obsession w/ the tactic is making some of the other guys play bad footy to see how they fare in one-on-ones with that one-dimensional rubbish.....!

    Drew the Tri nations last night w. SA (I was NZ)...hang topic!! lol!

  17. SharksFan

    SharksFan Guest

    I find that you can get a turn over if you press R3 once you have made the tackle and just before going to ground, and only if you are controlling the player making the tackle.
  18. Handsomebob

    Handsomebob Guest

    After all that has been said there is not much i can had.
    My best tip would be to recommand you to play the same way as you would play in a real game.
    you can't just give the bal to you're winger and expect to score all the time.

    Try to have a balanced attack, with a good mix of forward play and backline attacks.

    Try to use all you're set plays and not always the same one, because i'm pretty sure the defenses adapts if you call a play too many times.

    The R3 move works, and the so does the dummy: Go practice you're timing. It's so rewarding to put a good stiff arm in the face an opponent or watch him freeze will passing by with a nice sidestep.

    A good tactical kicking game is a must, not only to put the ball in touch..........short kicks behind the opposing backline are very effective if done correctly.

    This game is really a good one.........
  19. jgough

    jgough Guest

    These tips are great.

    The 'ole, half back off the back of the ruck works very well.

    On sideview, a break down the blind side usually works wonders.

    Jamie Gough
  20. I have a good tip.....KICK SOME ASS [​IMG]
  21. Black|Raven

    Black|Raven Guest

    works everytime! unless playing 2 player... [​IMG]
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