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Rugby 2005 in trouble New NRL game has onlin mode

yeah in the long run ea proabbly will sell more games but still rl2 will have a fair few more sales this time because it is online and might get fans of other sports/ multiplayer games buying it. No doubt rugby 2006 will be online ea can't afford not too
Not only is it online but it seems they've improved vastly on the single player element.
yes the franchise mode is far superior to what rugby 2005 offers as it lasts mutliple seasons and is proabbly more in depth on the managerial side than the world league in rugby 2005
well im pretty sure anyone that is going to buy RL2 is going to already hav Rugby 2005 anyways... yea this franchise mode sounds promising, hopefully one day we get a franchise mode in rugby 2005 that is as good as Maddens.. maybe next years will be similar
rugby 2005 wont be in trouble cos its two different codes. ppl will be saying "im gonna get the best rugby game, rugby 2005"

"then the best rugby league game rugby league 2"

well thats wat im doin......wen its rugby league season ill slap on rugby league2 then wen its super 12 season or tri nations ill slap on rugby 2005!

like i said everyone will hav both games... which is y Rugby 2005 is not in trouble... Rugby 2006 i rekon will be the one to beat, becoz hopefully now they hav the basics and will just build from here instead of scrapping the previous version and starting from scratch...
farrrrrr i neva thought of that!

damn it'll be alot to prepare for rugby 2007......buying a ps3

im buying the PS3 as soon as it cumz out... unless its more than $1500 coz thats juz a bit too expensive for a console... but if Rugby 07 or 06 cumz out on it and i play a demo and it is everything i had ever dreamed of i'd get it
Players look great.......

Hope the camera isn't five miles away this time so we can appreciate it...hehe.

Their first effort was good - very playable for a period.....BUT remember.....

1. Randomness of reckless tackle charges and sin bins despite perfect timing of tackle etc......computer doingit when you finally get on a run of not.

2. Slow start (worse than anything Rugby 2005 vids have dished up) of runners.

3. The old hold up in goal.....

4. step away as being chased shouldn't be so easy to perform (feels good tho)

5. Couldn't defend too much from dummy half....too slow.

6. Side view angle not executed well enough (was fixed on near sideline so got either too close or, and this is a big gripe, f***ing MILES away!!! On a small tv it would be mind-bending!

7. Kick-off cheat (well skill I suppose but I find it too easy to pull-off...about two out of three times anyway....) to get ball back at scrum...

8. Running the HB from the scrum anywhere in their red-zone will almost inevitable result in a Jones try! Feels like cheating...but is unavoidable.

9. Ball when passed follows the runner!? As if the game is being played in the midst of a hurricane!!?

10. Chumps getting the ball on last tackle - quite random positioning....but I know the new game has changed this (option to go to playmaker button...nice.)

You could tell playing it tho (and I pulled it out again recently) that it needs only better graphics and the odd tweak to be out of this world. Fix the above and we're away laughing!!

What a great year for sports ***les!!

- Rugby 2005
- WCR2 (Mmmmmm - we'll see whether this cuts it or not soon enough)
- RPIC / BLIC 2005......oh yeah baby! Gameplay meets good graphics finally....oh dear god this looks good
- Cricket 2005(6?) - will rent first.....can't see it being as playable as RPIC but we'll see.
- Rugby league 2

Well f*** me sideways.....

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