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Rugby 2005 on PC



Anyone Playing the game on keyboard...if you can help please?
When you want to sprint in certain directions, its as if the keyboard locks up...and then doesn't allow you to pass...what can the problem be?

Are you guys having the same problem?
I've had probs with previous games and the same thing has happened. I am honestly not sure what to do, because with me this was a totally random event. Maybe check your control settings make sure passing isn't same con as sprint.
You cant change the controls of the game!

Thanx anyways
Sorry mate, there's obviously something not right with your game or keyboard, but could you tell me whether Georgia is fully licensed on this game and could I see theree kit?
Hi Everyone

Got the game yesterday, try use an older keyboard as i struggled to sprint round the opposition and changed my keyboard with an older one.Did this when playing WCR and Fifa and both times it worked .Thanks Loksley for all info ,the game is fantastic
i had that problem with rugby 2004. bugger if it happens again. i'll use my gamepad and i'll get whoever is over to use the keyboard
Anyone have a Joel Wilson - Brumbies - pic? I've got ideas, take suggestions to EA, hope for them to give me an '06 demo to try out and then give more advice. The first person to send me a Joel Wilson pic will recieve this demo after I have played it... If my plan comes to reality.
i play using keyboard and i can pass while sprinting easily. No problems on keyboard so far. Im using Logitech MX duo
yes it is -- The keys are very easy i can give you a keyboard layout if ya want it
Originally posted by Springbokfan@Mar 10 2005, 09:03 PM
yes it is -- The keys are very easy i can give you a keyboard layout if ya want it
Are you playing with key board or controller?

Keyboard -- i dont have a controller -- would like to try it thou but for now its keyboard -- the layout is alot like rugby2004, so if you could play that dumb game on the keyboard you won't have a problem with rugby2005.
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yes it is -- The keys are very easy i can give you a keyboard layout if ya want it[/b]

yes that would be great,thanks
Ok ----


A = Pass left
D = Pass Right
S = Kick for touch
Space = sprint
W = grubber
Q = up and under
E = Dropgoal

Shift + S = Attemp stiff arm
shift + Q = side step left
Shift + E = side step right
Shift + W = shoulder charge

S = score try / dive for tryline


shift = change player
s = diving tackle
space = sprint

up = kick defence from ruck
rught = wide defence from ruck
down = tight defence from ruck
left = normal defence from ruck

Loose ball

S = dive for ball
hold W while running over ball results in player auto kicking ball ahead without picking it up

w = touch ball down in own goal are
q = try and deflect ball from kicker
e = jump to catch ball


a = pass left
d = pass right
shift = no8 breaks left
space = no8 breaks right
s = feed ball in scrum
q = hook
w = no9 kick ball


A = pass left
D = pass right
s = quick kick by no9
q= no9 break left
e = no9 break right
shift = pass close to forwards left
space = pass close to forwards right
cntrl = kill ball
alt = hands in ruck
send me your profile fiel or save file please.....

it's to hard to finish the trainig mode
I would say Stiff Arm because shoulder charge slows u down and then the defending team catches up

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