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    Tricks and Tips[/b]

    Rating: 6

    Throw a dummy pass. Then move the control stick in that direction of the dummy. Then put the control stick in the direction completely opposite to that dummy. Then put the control stick a little bit forward.
    All of this is done very fast and in order. Good luck. Takes a bit of practice to finally get it….then like golf it takes more practice to get it consistently….then when you practice like Tiger Wood you may get it 99% of the time. Don't worry if you don't get it as a dummy will be thrown so you won't look like an ass. Also when you fail to do it the dummy and the change of angle back inside is very sharp so it almost looks like a Christian Cullen running step rather than a swerve. Against the computer AI it works well for two reasons. First the twirl has a dummy in it so a computer often goes the wrong way and many times a human will do the same thing because visually they get confused by what they see. Second there are no brakes put on as this sharp a change in angle would normally result in braking animation…so it is quicker because you don't lose momentum.

    Sharp 20 degree step
    Rating: 8

    Basically this is similar to the "twirl" move and you will probably master it when you are attempting to twirl but not quite pulling it off. You simply throw a dummy and change direction whilst the dummy animation is about to activate. This will give you a sharper change of angle than simply changing direction if you try and work really sharp angles. Often because you activated the "dummy" animation it will make a non human controlled player on the field go the wrong way. A lot of times when we want to do a turn that is 45 degrees or less the "braking" animation will activate and we lose speed, however this method can create that sharper direction change without the "braking" animation kicking in. Very effective this move against someone who does not want to commit to the tackle when you are 2 on 1 with their fullback as you can slide across field and then cut in sharper as they drift trying to cover you and your outside support. Used a lot with the first five when someone is rushing him and also thinking about covering the second five.…he does this step and cuts in at speed as the dummy animation is also a takeoff animation (explained elsewhere)

    Rating: 5

    A small glitch in the game that the programmers put in regarding some star players. You can have tackles that slide off certain players where there is no tackle animation. They are normally star players such as Williams, O Driscoll, and Habana. The irresistible normally happens when they are about to receive a pass and someone goes in for a flying tackle. Sometimes it happens when the computer is on the spot to crunch these guys but it does not register. A good example of an irresistible on any player is when you do a quick lineout and the player opposite will not commit to animation to tackle…..they will simply rub shoulders while you run past. The best person to use for the irresistible is Williams from the blindside of a maul or scrum. From a standing start have Williams do a side step as your opponent rushes up to tackle. A lot of times the dive tackle though on target to tackle will not commit but will in fact slide off. This even happens if they try and do a smother tackle.

    Body of Iron:
    Rating: 6

    Players with a "Tackle Break" tick will often in the second half with 20 minutes to go start breaking tackles. Especially if you sub them on at this point. Nonu is a good example of a tackle breaker sub. Lewsey and Cohen are others that exploit bad tacklers in the second half. When all the variables are aligned you can run these players at a guy and pretty much guarantee that they will tackle break right there.

    Red Arrow kicks:
    Rating: 8

    A more effective way of kicking for your players to run onto in open play as these kicks do not bounce furiously into touch but tend to hold up. They also have an angle that is acute compared to blue kicks. Sometimes you can go backwards and have your opponents whole team chase you into a corner only to red kick it to the other side. The ref is not as strict if your payers are offside with red kicks as they are with blue so convert to the nearest and chase! When on atack with you backline it is good doing a red arrow chip kick (just barely tap and aim) with the centre aiming for the wing to run on to near the corner. The best way to do this is to pass to the first five and the first five does the hot potato missout to the centre (this technique has already been explained) who in turn should do the red kick straight away for the wing. Because the ball has shifted so quickly out for the winer to run on to your opponent most times would be too dazed to convert to his winger to cover it until it is too late. Works differently each time to set defences so it is best to gage what set defence the opposition is doing first.

    Offload - Hot Potato:
    Rating: 9

    Whenever an offload happens you can still control the direction of where you want the ball to go by immediately doing a hot potato pass before the guy receiving the offload catches it into the direction of your choice. Very effective move against people who think the ball will die with the first receiver from an offload, only to see you have hot potato passed it to an unmarked guy and are running up feild.

    Twinkle toes:
    Rating: 7

    Before any player receives the ball who is STANDING STILL…….start rotating the stick round and round in circles quickly. When the player standing receives the ball they will start to twinkle toes all over the place. You can control the direction of where you are twinkling by putting more emphasis on the way you want to go when you are rotating. Once you stop rotating and choose which direction you want to go in you will be heading in that direction at full pace. Twinkling also for some reason confuses the defence line and sometimes gaps are more prominent. Even a small twinkle cancels out the walking animation and has you running fast quickly. You can do tiny twinkles everytime with your first five before taking off and your opponent will think your first five is Carlos Spencer. Other times you can twinkle toe back 20 metres before running forward into big gaps. Some worn out control pads will not let this happen.

    Invisible kick:
    Rating: 6

    From a ruck push the box kick and then as quick as you can push the left trigger. The left trigger button will cancel the blue kick meter and if you do it fast enough you won't even see it. Make sure all your forwards are in the ruck so that when you convert for someone to chase it will be the faster first five running at pace. Best done when the fullback has made the tackle and is lying at the bottom of the ruck (therefore no fullback)

    Scrum half grubber
    Rating: 7
    Simply pick up from the ruck and take a step back before grubbering. If you don't get tackled picking up from the ruck and are able to take the step back then push the grubber kick and you will be catapulted foward even through the ruck!

    Winger delay pass:
    Rating: 6

    If you are getting marked closely and you finally pass to your winger and he just gets hospitalized…do this pass by holding the button (missout pass) before passing. A loopy pass animation will take place (miss out pass) but since there is no body to miss out it will just be a loop pass to your winger. If the opponent is going for the kill they will run or dive right past as your winger is still waiting to catch the ball.

    Rating: 10

    Wilkinson, Carter, Henson, and Montgomery are the biggest kickers in the game so if you are playing for keeps only use teams where they are in. Put Montgomery and Henson in at First Five. These guys punts are big enough to beat a kick defence. You can defeat the kick defense with lesser kickers by running around a bit before kicking to fool the wingers into coming up. You can also give yourself room to kick by running backwards and kicking while you have your back turned. It will still be the same distance.

    Conversion Tackle:
    Rating: 7

    If you are constantly having your fullback getting stepped by someone breaking your line, convert to your fullback and pullback as going backward people cannot get drawn into a sidestep animation. As you probably know this creates another problem as HOW you should turn around and make the tackle due to the fact that when you do turn around you will be "braking" and may get left in the dust once you take off again. Waiting for the player with the ball to run alongside you can be done but there are problems slowing down to allow them to catch up and then trying to catch up to them but being left behind. The "Conversion" tackle is another option as you can "switch away" from your fullback once they have turned around and let the fullback "AI controlled" make the tackle. Be careful to quickly switch back if you think the AI turned around and is doing nothing. You can switch away just for a moment to get the AI to do the turn around (sometimes a spin turn around) and then switch back quickly to manually do the tackle yourself.

    Tricks in the works under experimentation.

    Halfback reverse pass to forward:
    Halfback moves to pass the ball to a forward on one side of the ruck….only to backpass it to the other side.

    Tackle sliding
    May be able to exploit a glitch in animations where you can not get tackled. If I find the secret to this then it might be banned….or saved for desperately close games where I am behind and need a miracle lol!

    Multiple Lineout Jumpers
    Sure we have all done this at one time or another. Trying to find out how it happens exactly.

    Mauls in open play
    It happens on rare occasion....we just have to discover the variables to when it happens.
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    bah just cause you didnt get the best rugby games poster, if only you were a week earlier you could have pipped me :)
  4. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    I realised I waited till after the elections so people would know it was not a vote catching deserve the title of best games poster have been working at it for ages.
  5. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    lol nah its all good, i voted for you :) Cheers for the updated copy :)
  6. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Yep, sure does.

    By the way GG, I'm on my way back to my best. I'm practising a lot and although most of my work is going into attacking strategy, my defensive spot tackling has never been better and is getting better yet.

    My defensive formation choices are being worked on, and I've learned a valuable lesson from last year.

    It's a good idea to play totally experimental games, just to figure stuff out. I play against people who I'm not even trying to beat half the time, just to work on new moves.

    I also play against two people who have virtual World XV's against my Highlanders and win against both nearly all the time.

    It's coming together, and I expect 3 months from now to be able to equal Spawn and Danny Bullen's proficiency.

    I'm not there yet, but I'm climbing slowly.
  7. BOKean

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    man ruggers 08 better have online

    i never get to play anyone decent with 06. all my mates suck. i can destroy them all.

    and alot of these tactics i was unknowingly using - the red triangle one works well sometimes with an inside ball to the inside runner, but not too good to spread it wide.

    also been doing the quick start, and fly half miss etc...

    i just wish rucking was a skill to be mastered as well - would add soo much more to the game
  8. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Fantastic BOKEAN that you have discovered the insant takeoff....probably one of the most significant techniques a result from that method other techniques were discovered.

    The Sharp Step
    The Twirl
    The Cut moves (catch and move)

    I am really enjoying the cut moves lately....and now as a result the catch and cut in bounce things are getting tricky.

    Because all this works off the dummy animation the AI and often even the human controlled player get fooled by by what the dummy does to them.

    The fly half missout pass is a great move too. The foundation to midfield moves exploiting that outside gap.
  9. Ripper

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    Jesus Christ... it took me a week to learn how to put a created player in the game, and you've mastered all that?
  10. Gay-Guy

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    You're ahead of me....I don't know how to create a player???????

    Those are only some things that may or may not give you an edge....but it takes even longer after you master them to learn EXACTLY when to best pull them out for every situation in a game. Thats called experience and only comes through playing untold hours against people.

    Half the time when I play I forget a lot of it. Then when the game is evenly matched and my opponents defence seems to shut me out I start to think...."Now I wonder if he knows how to defend this move" Eventually something will come up that he is not used to defending before.....that one break in the line can win the game. From then on I just keep doing that same move over and over again...sometimes trying it our in different situations...while my opponent freaks out trying to think of a way to stop it. Once he has figured out the way to stop it he would have opened up himself to another move....because every defensive style leaves a weakness somewhere else. So you simply exploit him with the attack move/strategy that exploits the area he is now NOT covering.....until he realises it and tries to cover that....and so it on and so on.

    There is no "perfect" defence (well none that I know off) as there are strategies and techniques to overcome them all. The game therefore has turned into a "poker" game the winner is the one who has sussed out what their opponent is up to. This has been one of my pitfalls because as I know a lot I often see things that are simply "not there" and as a result I often "overmark" and miss the obvious! Sometimes I will lose a few in a row against a new person until I realise exactly what it is they are really doing....then I win every game onwards by 50 points.

    Rugby is cyclical as Gregan said....Elephant scares the Lion....which scares the Dog....which scares the Cat....which scares the Mouse....which scares the Elephant! It is all about choosing the correct animal to counter another.
  11. C A Iversen

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    Gay Guy - Confuscious, or confusing? lol.
  12. Gay-Guy

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    Hell you tell me lol!
  13. dobrien7

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    The great man hath spoken, but as he's eluded to, it's one thing knowing them, another to do them, and another to know when to use them. Good luck people!
  14. Gay-Guy

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    Been teaching these 11 year old boys and they turned on me and beat!
  15. woosaah

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    just thought i would pin this thread, cant afford to get a thread like this get lost into the wilderness
  16. A couple of tips

    on defence i find running round in circles behind the game line and then flying up at full pace when the scrum half passes the ball using a diving tackle will stop most attacks at first reciever. However i feel this is sort of cheating the game so i don't use it anymore.

    On attack a kick from the scrum half from a touchline ruck about 20meters foward, that is, before the full back but far enough away from the defensive line will result in a try every time. Even if the ruck is in the middle of the pitch there's always someone to have a goi and always a support runner. Again i over practised this one to the texnet wherei scored off every kick off by using this on the first ruck so i stopped.
    Another good attaking play is the short pass to the foward followed by an inside ball. If you notice a back will usually come flying up on the inside of the foward. This pays off when they have over commited to a ruck and there's a lack of defenders around the fringes. It is also a very good tactic for touchline rucks as the winger will come flying onto it.

    I also find that setting the fly half off before he receives the ball is the key to scoring. This prevents the defensive line from flying up on defenders. Combine this with fading off the defenders at about a 30 degree angle then straightening and you're gaurenteed to score

    I'd quite like to know if anyone has figured out how to run off the base of a ruck without getting tackled on the fringes everytime. The computer can do it every now and then but i can't seem to!
  17. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    If you pick and go from the ruck and have someone who knows how to mark then you are pretty much stuffed with this move. One effective way to get past the ruck with the halfback is to pick....try and take a step back....then push will catapult you past the ruck (yes you will go right through the ruck!).

    On defence with the technique that has you powering up by doing circles then catapulting yourself forward to fly at the first five (the SJRL defensive style) it may put pressure on the first five but a good player can beat this defence easily. Hot potato missouts, quick takeoffs, sharp steps, inside balls on red moves, twinkle toes, etc can put an end to someone rushing up. The key is to look at the D-line and the A-lines when you rush and knowing whether to stay on line, drift out, pull back and sweep, or hold.

    The kick from the ruck is best effective if you do it invisibly so the opponent does not see the blue arrow. Even better to do it if the fullback has made the tackle previously and is at the bottom of the ruck and you can see your opponent did not select a defensive pattern to get someone else at the back but is instead doing something stupid like making circles to power up and rush the first five....with your loosies in the ruck the invisible kick will have you first five (faster than a loosie) steam after the chip kick and pick up the ball with no one around!

    Forwards running off the ruck and Inside balls are good if your opponent is slow marking up on them...because this can be killed quite easily if your opponent decides to early tackle the forward recieving it from the halfback.

    Setting the fly half off can be good when you want the defence to engage and not drift....but if the rush your first five then it can be suicidal as soon as he recieves the ball.

    Sorry if it sounds like I am a kill joy....just trying to help with things and possiblities to fix them up :)
  18. candybum

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    its like u ARE the game!!!!!!hahaha
  19. at no point was i disagreeing with you and you powned me!!!
  20. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    Hey Gay Guy, I was wondering if it was possible to tackle the half back before he passes from the lineout when the hooker throes to the back locks? I cant remember if it was possible because i gave my rugby 06 to my cuz and he had it for nearly two months. I forgot how to play as good as i use to be and lost my form and still cant manage to play as good. Anyway, I think i managed to do it with Rodney So'oialo because lock is his secondary position and hes one of the fastest fowards. I was wondering if you could check it out because im a lazy ******* who doesnt like kicking when playing against AI lol.
  21. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    You can...but not immediately so that it kills that mid lineout option....the halfback DOES have a split second to pass DO get to tackle the halfback a split second later when the ball has LEFT his hands however it is obviously too late...but cannot tackle him right on and nail him with the ball unless he does not immediately pass it. Have a go though....your opponent might be lazy and not pass it straight away......just push tackle and someone in the lineout will dive tackle right through at him.
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