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Rugby Board Games


Rich J

Well xmas is nearing and there seems to be at least 3 board games for us rugger fanatics to buy for ourselves:

Crash Tackle - from S.A
Gren Rugby - from Wales
Rugby World - from Italy

I have been playing Crash Tackle for a while and love it

it plays really well with the add on advanced rules off the site and is FUN as well as feeling like rugby - have introduced many a non rugby person to it as well (after playing a bit my daughter went off and joined the womens team when she went to university ! ). Any one in the London are who wants to learn to play it are welcome at our club to try it out.

Gren Rugby - looks like it could be fun and the demo is on you tube - have ordered one to see.

Rugby World - looks a bit like harder work and aimed at 'game players' who like rugby rather than rugby fans BUT interested to hear from people who have played.

So anyone know of any others or have tried any of the above and can comment on how they 'feel'.

Rugby Board games sound depressingly boring. I'd much prefer to play on the PS2 or the PC if I wasn't playing it in real life.
well they could be ... but Crash Tackle is fast and is really fun to play esp after a pint ... also you have more chance of getting some people to play a board game than you would if you tried to get them to play against you on a PS if they have never played before etc etc.

I like playing both (and the real thing for the past 35 years as well! )
Good point!

I'd like to play it first before I bought it. Any chance of some pics of the board and pieces etc?
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE("Crash Tackle")</div>
Crash Tackleâ"¢ includes 25 Pressure Play cards. These cards are used to perform special moves and abilities that do not rely on the dice. Use them in combinations to string together 100's of mind blowing moves that will have your opposition gasping![/b]

Crikey! I just looked at Crash Tackle as well...I'm definitely preparing myself for getting dirty...

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