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  1. Finally got a few games on the ol' so called fun game, and was dissapointed to be honest...

    It was fun against my friend but the AI was terrible and too easy..

    It might have something to do with playing it on PS2 and not so happy with the performance compared to the Xbox...

    I thought it was an OK game but...bit dissapointed...Rugby 2006 is much better IMO.
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  3. Crank it up to intensive care. You'll get owned for a while.
  4. MightyQuin

    MightyQuin Guest

    I have to say that after a week with both games, I'm now heading back to RC2006 more often than EA's game.
    It certainly has grown on me, as a few of the guys on here predicted - I'm glad I gave it a second chance.
  5. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    I didn't... I was playing as Australia granted, but I carved IC mode! All you have to do is play the game like it were 7's rugby.
  6. Most of the time I ran straight through the defence with the first pass to a centre and maybe a second or third pass made it...:(
  7. A disadvantage in itself! ;)
  8. thomashenry

    thomashenry Guest

    Yeah, it gets so much better the more you play it. At first it seems limited and dull, but now I'm playing some really fluid enjoyable rugby in RC2006, and enjoying it a great deal. I've got far better at forcing turnovers, and much better at varying my play.

    I played R06 for a week solidly, and it really doesn't compare - yes it's got a lot of 'features' that I wish RC2006 had (quick lineouts for one), but the engine and player AI is simply atrocious and makes the game unresponsive and unplayable.

    RC2006 ain't perfect, but its leagues ahead of R06.
  9. IMO Thomas, I think your talking crap...

    Rugby 2006 is much more of a GAME...Rugby Challenge 2006 seems to be (on first impressions) a weird dream you have, basically everything doesn't seem right.

    I'm sure I will like it when I actually buy the game...if I choose to..but at the moment...not very impressed...
  10. thomashenry

    thomashenry Guest

    You've not seen me playing it, so you have no way to assume I am talking crap. Fact is, I enjoy the game more the more I play it.

    FACT - the RC2006 engine is smooth and responsive
    FACT - the R06 engine is slow, chuggy and unresponsive

    FACT - Your teamates in RC2006 behave intelligently off the ball, line up in a sensible manner around the breakdown etc
    FACT - Your teammates in R06 run around like a swarm of bees, and have no idea at all about how to organise and align themselves.

    These things can't really be disputed.

    Whenever I score tries in R06 I feel no sense of acheivement, as I've never had to do anything skillfull or special to score one - you usually just find yourself in space and score. In RC2006 you normally have to do quite a lot to get a try.

    Don't bother with fun mode BTW - go stright to Normal, then when you are winning games easily, go to IC. Also - you've got to play RC2006 for quite a long time before you become familier enoug with it to start REALLY enjoying it. Also - always play on spinning far end camera view.
  11. Rugby Challenge is so easy though, how can you feel a sense of acheivement and fun?

    I mean, I beat the AI first time without learning controls or anything on a console I dont even like!

    The players look really dodgy, they run like they are on a treadmill, and the actions are just silly.

    Like I said, maybe I need to play it more but...I want to know how you can play an expansive game with this engine...
  12. MightyQuin

    MightyQuin Guest

    bit harsh Ben, considering you've admited you've only had limited play with RC2006, and also that several people are saying that it can take a while before you appreciate it's depth.

    On Fun it's way too easy, but on IC the player AI, imo, is better than R06's pack hunting/following players.
    R06 has way better presentation, and bells and whistles, plus some gameplay options that are missing from RC2006 (instant pass on, kicking game, quick lineout, quick penalty), but after playing both solidly for a week, I find R06 frustrating.

    Saying that, I don't think anyone (who has given both a chance!) could honestly describe one as way better than the other - they both do certain different things well - so just enjoy the one that best suits your gameplay needs (but don't just dismiss the other after a couple of games ;) )
  13. I have said I'm dissapointed by first impressions...

    I'm not saying I will hate it forever, I'm just saying I don't think it was worth all the hype.
  14. paddyknight

    paddyknight Guest

    in my experience of rc2006, i have it properly now aswell but havent really played it a huge amount cos i prefer ea06 much more, i just cant stand the goal line defence on rc2006, they line up in such a stupid way that if the opposition has it near your line its probably 97% guarantee of a try. ... trainings still fun tho, credit to them for that!
    also, im not sure we should have to make games good? ie playing them in such a way that makes them better, im sure we could do this with alot of not so good games? people have now done this for rugby 05 and by the looks of it this game aswell.
  15. thomashenry

    thomashenry Guest

    Play on a mode other than 'easy' then....
  16. thomashenry

    thomashenry Guest

    you've got a lot to master then - I've improved hugely at online defence. I can often hold out, and eventually force a turnover.

    So many people have been dismissing RC2006 based on very early impressions of it. Keep playing it, it gets BETTER
  17. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Do they? In RC 06 I've constantly had players continue running towards touch on the wing when about to receive a pass ending up out by the time they get the ball, that doesn't happen in Rugby 06... Is that what you call "behaving intelligently off the ball"?

    Rather Ironic, as I feel totally the opposite... Playing elite on Rugby 06 I have to play it like a real rugby match and kick for territory use forwards to bash it up the middle, use my set moves and actually feel like I need to go for penelty shots and scoring a try (especially a long range one) is a real air punching moment. In RC 06, playing on Intensive Care my playing style doesn't change at all and I just chuck the ball around like it were a game of sevens and I ALWAYS find space sooner or later. EG, on IC I SMASHED England the other day 44-0! I haven't played it since cause it's just so easy and doesn't play like real rugby...

    But hey, if you think that sevens is more fun than real rugby then be my guest.
  18. Inertia

    Inertia Guest

    r2006 is a much better game overall, it can't really be denied. Even on club and pro mode the AI give more of a fight than RC2006.

    I still stand by rc2006 as a great game though on IC, but r2006 is defintely leaps ahead. I would still be pleased to see rc2006 developed as a 2nd game to compliment the rugby gaming scene.
  19. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    I hav to agree with that. I gave RC2006 2 weeks of play time. Ive been playing rugby06 for 8 days, and while i was still waiting for the fun to really begin on RC, in R06 its non stop fun right from the beginning. I probably wont play RC again, unless rugby06 falls of its horse anytime soon.
  20. thomashenry

    thomashenry Guest

    I deny it. It is wrong, IMO.

    "Even on club and pro mode the AI gave more of a fight than RC2006"
    WTF??? I've NEVER lost a game on R06 on club or pro mode, it is that easy.

    IC mode on RC2006 is a challenge though.
  21. thomashenry

    thomashenry Guest

    No, I think real rugby is more fun than sevens. I also think that RC2006 is far better than R06.

    If I were a reviewer in a mag, RC2006 would score 6/10, and R06 would score 3/10.
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