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Rugby Europe Championship 2024

Netherlands 18-20 Spain

Netherlands miss a injury time pen to win, would of been the 1st time they would of got a win against Spain
surprised by the result. Had one of the women's game on second screen during Italy-England. Not terrible for non-RWC women's teams.

Won't be able to watch the Portugal game but I'll probably watch the games tomorrow.
Today 18:50 UTC
19:50:00 (Local) Belgium v Portugal

Tomorrow 14:00 UTC

15:00:00 (Local) Germany v Georgia

Tomorrow 17:15 UTC

18:15:00 (Local) Poland v Romania

has Russia been cleared to start competing again or are they still banned?
Belgium 10-6 Portugal

What a disappointing results, Portugal making all the wrong decisions at the wrong time. All the points in the 1st half.
No video referee, Portugal claiming they touched down but coverage never replayed so I don't know if they did.
Don't know what to make of this team new management plus a few players retired in the summer.
Let's see how they do in the next game, that might just tell us were this team is at.
Congratulations to Belgium they put everything on the field they played well plus a full stadium behind them pushing them to the end.
Poland 8 - 20 Romania

good effort from Poland in an awful weather (rainy, powerful wind).

Oaks had a good first half but very wasteful, insisting to have an open play instead of getting the points from tight attacks or kicks. Second half was a totally different story with only 5 points from a late Polish try (last minute). Generally the game was a pitched battle around the middle without serious offensive actions.

I think is more on the positive side for Romania, however the lack of competitive games due to championship break was observable again in the 2nd half. I like the fact that coach and captain were not happy with the way we played.
I will be at Spain/Germany next week (I live in Spain).

Looking forward to it and hoping it doesn't rain much, the ground is an outdoor concrete arena and my bum no longer enjoys sitting on wet concrete for long periods.
Good win by Portugal a lot of 1st time starters man of the match a 19 years old Hugo Camacho next week away to Romania need a good result to try to get to the semis or Poland surprises, Belgium.


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So I went to Spain Germany.

A good 27-5 win by Spain who looked well superior throughout.

Spain's Alvar Gimeno (12) stood out for me with a brilliant step to create a try and some thumping tackles.

Spain 2 from 2 but away to Georgia next week for a much greater challenge than today - best of luck to them, will be watching that one online.
Get in 😆 Portugal booked a spot in the semi-finals with a record 49-24 win against Romania in Bucharest.
bonus-point win saw them finish top of the Pool B on 11 points, two more than Romania after losing the 1st match away to Belgium.
Portugal with a complete new young players and new manager. The new young player looked very pacey, really did not think the new players would settle in after the lose to Belgium.
Spain is next in the semifinals in Lisbon.


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