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Rugby Europe Championship & Trophy 2022

38-21 to Spain. No winning BP after Spain faded after leading 38-7. By my count if Romania get the inevitable winning BP against Ned and neither Spain or Romania get an upset against Georgia, then Romania will finish 3rd at worst. So Portugal vs Spain will effectively be an elimination match because Spain never got the winning BP today. Pretty epic tournament this year.
Not great for Romania but a proper disaster for Portugal. Could be out of the world cup spots even if they beat Spain.
Fixtures this weekend. Romania could do with a result against Georgia (not unthinkable as both have disappointed this tournament). Effectively Portugal are eliminated if they lose to Spain. If Portugal win then we enter the territory of how the Russian games this season are treated and which sides get awarded BP walkover results. All a bit messy.


Matches streamed at the location below under 'match details'.

Awarding of 4pts (not 5) to Georgia and Portugal. Means Romania likely assured of 3rd place at worst and the loser of Portugal versus Spain will probably miss out on the RWC.

The table after that decision:


This week has Spain v Portugal and Romania v Georgia. Next week is Netherlands v Romania and Georgia v Spain.

Georgia: Already qualified for the world cup. Need only 1 point from two matches to guarantee Europe 1 (and so in a pool with Australia, Wales and Fiji)

Spain: Can comfirm Europe 2 and so qualify if they beat Portugal and Georgia beat Romania. If they win but Romania do too, they will end up in 3rd as Romania are bound to beat the Netherlands next week. If they lose then they'll either have to beat Georgia themselves or hope Romania fail to beat the Netherlands to salvage 3rd, otherwise they're out. If they draw with Portugal then all three teams could end up on 27 points, but Spain would be able to aim for a losing bonus point against Georgia (or just get within 15 points of them) to make sure they stay ahead of Portugal.

Portugal: Beat Spain and go likely through in 2nd, lose and they are out. If they win while Romania lose to Georgia, then they will get 2nd unless Spain beat Georgia, in which case it will come down to bonus points. If they draw, they have to hope either Spain get smashed by Georgia or Romania lose to Georgia by more than 7. One would salvage 3rd, both would get them 2nd.

Romania - Have to rely on 5 points from the Netherlands game being a non-negotiable. If so, they will safely get 3rd while the winner of Spain-Portugal takes 2nd place. If they beat Georgia this week first, then the Netherlands game will let them easily clinch 2nd place. If they fail to pick up a bonus point win against the Netherlands as well as collect nothing at home to Georgia then they can still go through, but have to hope Portugal win by more than 7 points in Spain.

Annoyed as I'm sure I read this morning on the Rugby Europe website that this game was tomorrow. Fans of neither side happy. Romania have likely secured the repechage though, which is pretty awful news for the loser of Chile vs USA. Crazy that a side of that quality is in the repechage.
33-28. What a match. Spain so much improved this year along with Chile I think Hourcade is King Midas.

Spain will be a good addition to the RWC on this form and could even win the REC if they have a full strength side next week. Bravo!

Portugal just a little short of last years form (other than Tbilisi) and that proved fatal.
Georgia vs Spain on Sunday will decide the ***le. If Spain avoid defeat they will be champions. Given how average the Georgian pack seems at the set piece these days this may be do-able.

Pretty much the Trophy ***le decider tomorrow as Belgium host Poland. Poland will still have a chance if they lose. Belgium probably won't.

18-8 Georgia at half time. Missed a bit of it but they are looking more focussed in forwards and backs.

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