Rugby in college?

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by trliber, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. trliber

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    When I go to college I want to play a club sport to stay active. Should I join Ruby? What are the fun points? What are the not so fun things I should be aware of? Do I need to buy any special equipment? Is there any type of Under Armour that works well in rugby? And most important: where can I learn the rules of the game? (Okay that's alot of questions, but you guys can probably answer them all!)
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  3. There's a lot of things you'd need to know before just pitching into playing rugby...I'd advise you to watch a fair bit and maybe ask if you can join in with the basic training on you college team. Start at the bottom and learn.

    Rugby teams the world over have one thing in common...they are pretty sociable, welcoming organisations. I'm sure they'd welcome a new recruit but if you genuinely aren't familiar with the game you are just going to have to be patient and see what the other guys can teach you.

    Three you enjoy singing rude songs, do you like drinking beer from sweaty shoes and do you have an aversion to running across grassy fields whilst naked?
  4. trliber

    trliber Guest

    Seriously!!?! I doubt they get that into it here in the States. :blink:
  5. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    i dont know of anyone getting into that at all.

    first of rules, no1 really knows the rusles anyway. but i do have a pdf of the rules in my sig, i think it still works.

    what do you need? equipment, well boots. headgear if you want, mouthgaurd, thats pretty much it. you can get sholder pads and stuff if you want but thats up to you.

    And all this depends on what position you want to play. what kind of build do you have? are you athletic? or are you a pie eater? this depends on which part of game you will play, ie a forward or a back. what kind of skills do you ahve? can you kick a ball in open play well? can you pass? this depends on where in the backline you could be suited to. are you tall? can you catch a ball? good hands? are you strong can you lift someone? can you throw a ball straight? these could depend on where you would like to fit in the forwards as well.

    there is ALOT more but meh
  6. DC

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    Seriously!!?! I doubt they get that into it here in the States. :blink:

    Ive done one of those before :cheers:

    But in college its cool because it is a great way to meet a bunch of good guys and such.
  7. goranski

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    Seriously!!?! I doubt they get that into it here in the States. :blink:

    running across the field naked is done by some teams in the U.S. - it's called doing a "Zulu" or something similar, at least where i'm at in the Midwest it's unfortunately still upheld as a tradition for scoring one's first try for the team, drinking alcohol from footwear is one that i haven't done - singing rude songs is definitely still done as well as general mayhem under the influence of booze....some teams don't party as much as others though....If you want a good intro to rugby - buy the SofaSports guide to rugby DVD watch that and as much rugby as you can - or go and get yourself some literature on the game and read up....also there's plenty of posts by people wanting to try rugby in this forum if you browse through and our various pieces of advice, basically just head out on the pitch and enjoy yourself.

    Here's a couple links:
  8. Seriously!!?! I doubt they get that into it here in the States. :blink:


    It's a long learning curve but it's so sociable they lads'll help you catch up.
  9. Prestwick

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    To answer your question about under armor, they do have an adapted range of skin tight wear to air perspiration and suchlike. Modeled by Mike Tindall no less! :D

    The whole social aspect is to buidl team spirit so Rugger buggers at University are like the most drunk and disruptive clubs there is! :D
  10. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    COME ON MATE!!! u can;t learn how to be a rugger or its culture from a DVD, u were bloody born to do it. the fact that ure in this forum proves it. just open ur mouth, and sing some rude words according to some tune that comes to mind. its what every teenager does
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