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Rugby in Toledo...



Guys, I got a friend who just moved to the states, somewhere in Toledo(my US geography is close to none) and he is craving for a game of rugby.. can any of u please help him find a club to play for...
I just went to the website and i can see that they too have to use SHITTY webb ellis balls for their games just like we have to in the Welsh Asda leagues.

Crap on a stick!
After years of using a Gilbert, having to switch to a Webb Ellis is the worst feeling, especially for kicking.
Whether it's out of hand, or place kicking; the ball is heavier, it hasn't got as good a flight, it's a very difficult ball to torpedo efficiently.
When passing it, it feels sluggish and it feels even more greasy then the average Gilbert when wet.

I just don't like using it.
We get Gilbert balls a'plenty. I've been privelaged enough to somehow acquire no less than 8 Gilbert truflight balls lol. We have more than we can poke a bloody stick at in our region for rugby, i think all the money NSW Rugby gives us, comes to us as rugby balls!
It's not an issue of money with us.
Every welsh league has to be play with a Webb Ellis ball coz of some contract they've signed.
I always took the gilbert balls for granted.
I meant the Toledo in USA man... but thanks anyway...

Sorry... When I saw Toledo I thought to the original Toledo which is in Spain, it's the former capital of the Spanish kingdom.

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