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Discussion in 'NRL / Southern Hemisphere' started by Riot, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Riot

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    Like other sports ( save major American Sports) International Level is supposed to be the pinnicale of the game, but i find International league boring, I feel that there is more pride in the State of Origin tests for Australian based players, then having to front up against the Kiwis or Great Britian.

    Do you see this the same way?

    Club (NRL/SL) seems a more important level then internationals currently, maybe because of the lack of international challaneges, which maybe a fault of the governing body not sure

    but who feels that internationals are sadly lacking? even compared to Origin i dont get the feeling that its important, i get the vbe that its more of an annoyance then an honour to play international football

    What if anything could be done? the World Cup is a bit of a joke too
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  3. melon

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    The problem with internatinal rugby league is that there are only 3 teams that are worthy of playing each other; that being Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain. That's the one and only reason. Whether or not we will admit it, we eventually bore from the constant Aust, NZ and GB games year in, year out. It's great to see the opening game between each nation but eventually it becomes like a broken record.

    Don't get me wrong, I love watching the Kangaroos play, however the only thing that is making International Rugby League even remotely interesting is the fact that the NZ team are coming along in leaps and bounds.

    I seriously can't see another international team come along within the next 10 or even 20 years to constantly challenge the top 3 teams.

    I think the answer is to have two Australian team. Yes, you heard me right. The two teams could follow Rugby Union's path of an Australian team and an Australian 'A' team, or Rugby League could have NSW and QLD to play the other international teams. Think about it...New Zealand, Great Britain, Queensland and New South Wales battling it out in a 4 way series. It may seems a bit ambitious to think of anything even more, but what about a team of 'The Rest of The World'?! I can't see that happening but I thought I'd chuck the idea in.

    I really think the only way to provide spice to the mix is have the 4 way competition of NZ, GB, QLD and NSW. It would be wonderful!!!

    The State of Origin battled out between the home states of Rugby League; Queensland and New South Wales, is the absolute pinnacle of the game. The passion, the rivalry, the brilliance. The internationals don't have anywhere near the sheer magic of these games. This magic has to be introduced to the internationals. While the international stage for Rugby League is as weak as it is, we MUST have two Australian teams.

    Oh and yes, the Rugby League World Cup is a joke, however it's something to watch and I'm certainly looking forward to it!
  4. melon

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    Anyone else going to provide input? Or was my reply just far too good? :p
  5. davo

    davo Guest

    Anyone else going to provide input? Or was my reply just far too good? :p

    I do think it would be more interesting this way, but i doubt it'd ever happen, especially the QLD and NSW proposal and also I completely agree with you about the league world cup
  6. elk jimenez

    elk jimenez Guest


    I'm new to rugby league, when is the rugby league world cup happening?

  7. davo

    davo Guest

    2008 October/November
  8. elk jimenez

    elk jimenez Guest

    Thanks very much for the info

  9. sphanlon

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    who's qualified? what's the format? Another newbie here.
  10. Wellycane

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