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Rugby World Cup Survey


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Nov 29, 2015
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Hi all,
just wondering if some of you could do me a quick favour. As part of a work project, I have to create & get anonymous feedback for a survey. The company I work for does online surveys & research so this is part of our training. I choose the recent Rugby World Cup as my topic so if anyone has 5 minutes to spare, it would be great if they could take the survey as i need to get 60+ responses. Some of the questions are a bit funky in how they are displayed/asked, the training we are doing is more about being able to use & ask questions in various formats. Anyway, here's the link if you want to take the survey.


This is genuine so not any sort of scam. No sort of personal identity questions are asked and feedback is anonymous.

Many thanks in advance
Enjoyed thinking about best groups for next WC. Had to try my best to give NZ a devilishly hard one, can't have them making the hat trick!
Completed, tried to do the trivia but it wouldn't load the image no matter what I tried and when I clicked next it just skipped to the end and didn't show and trivia answers (using Chrome).
Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. Much appreciated.

Saulan, not sure what happened. Seems to be fine on my side. If you have time, you could try again but note there's only a 1 in 3 chance you'll get that trivia question again so not sure if it's worth the effort.
Word has it the English rugby union are investing in a small child's paddling pool.
They figure they might be able to get out of that one.
Merry World Cup Xmas and a Super XVI New Year..

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