Rugby World Cup XV?

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Fushitsusha, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. TheBokke

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    Hmmmm so you really think you had a tough group. How can you compare Tonga and Samoa to Romania & Portugal. Any way mate don't be suprised as there are alot of players from different countries that have betters players in certain positions than the All Blacks when it comes to picking a WC 15, I know its hard to accept but it is a fact your boys went home in the Quarters.


    Where did I say they had a tough group?
    Tonga, U.S.A, Romania, Portugal. All minnows. They all would've been spanked by the All Blacks. And you know this.
    I guess thats why you're not really coming at me with good arguments. All you have, is that the All Blacks went home early.

    I'm not surprised that people think there are players in certain positions better than the All Blacks. I'm surprised that less than a handful of people think the All Blacks are better in any position than everyone else.


    I am suprised that you are suprised :p :lol:
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  3. jonnyherb

    jonnyherb Guest

    1. Du Rant
    2. Smit
    3. Vickery

    4. Botha
    5. Matfield

    6. Burger
    7. Smith, Juan
    8. Chabal

    9. Rauluni
    10. Hernandez

    11. Habana

    12. Taione
    13. Rabeni

    14. Delasau

    15. Montgomery

    I felt the SA pack was outstanding in the WC- hence its dominance. Sheridan, Shaw, Latu and Maka all unlucky to miss out, as were the argies who were efficient as a whole but no real stand outs, for me, that is.

    As for the backs, i love the southsea islanders- flair, pace and power. Montgomery for his kicking- i needed a kicker- jason robinson just missed out, but he is not the player he once was in my eyes. Du Preez unlucky- can't have too many Boks though! Shane Williams, Contemponi and Mortlock are all world class but loose out to the brilliance of the south seas!
  4. Dddooommm123

    Dddooommm123 Guest

    actually i decided to make a killer xv

    1. A. Sheridan
    2. M. Tincu
    3. C. Hayman
    4. B. Botha
    5. A. Williams
    6. A. Vaeluaga (the big samoan guy that looked abt like rodney so'ialo)
    7. F. Maka
    8. H. Tuilagi
    10. B. James
    11. A. Tuilagi
    12. E. Taione
    13. S. Ranbeni
    14. J. Vaka (cool hair, weighs in 110 kg +)

    the empty slots are because i dont really know who to pick, keep in mind im picking big as killer like performers. well the center pairings 230kg.
  5. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    Doom maybe you could slip Kane Hancy at the 9 slot. The Ponsonby halfback. Saw him playing over the weekend in Singapore. Apparently age doesn't seem to slow him down. Its been 2 years since I've first seen the bloke play. No change at all.
  6. Dddooommm123

    Dddooommm123 Guest

    cool sounds like a player, how old is he at now? i did a quick google search couldnt get a player profile from some of the NPC
  7. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    I have no idea how old he is. Maybe 30-ish? All white men with stubble look old to me. Maybe some of the Jaffas could give us some insight about Kane. I might have even spelt his name wrongly.
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