Russia is a 7's Europe Champion

Discussion in 'IRB Sevens, World Cup & Premiership 7s' started by Fasolin, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Fasolin

    Fasolin Guest

    What can you tell in this occasion?

    Whether really status of the Moscow tournament - the championship of the Europe?
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  3. shtove

    shtove Guest

    Tell me more.

    I'd like to see the Slavs have a bigger crack at rugby - but what about the pitches in minus 10 C?
  4. Walnut

    Walnut Guest

    I watched the competition on Russian Sports Channel... and I cannot say that I was impressed by the quality of the play... Yes, there were many really good teams, like France, Ireland etc... But what used to see on Fox Sports Channel is quite different...
  5. feicarsinn

    feicarsinn Guest

    gotta say ireland cant support sevens,,,just for the fact we dont have enough top players and also no one in ireland really cares about sevens
  6. Ireland dont have enough players for sevens?

    Scotland have a much smaller player base and we can reach cup QF's fairly frequently. (we even toped our group at the murrayfield sevens)

    mind you, if people dont care then that is a major problem (hence our poor performance at pro-team level)
  7. Arsenal23

    Arsenal23 Guest

    i love sevens i wished it had more tv coverage
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