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RWC 2015 dream team.

You're a fool if you think because NZ beat Aus twice that means Pocock isn't a good player . It simply means NZ have a better all round team than Aus which I don't think you will find many people disagree with .

Although it is you saying it so it doesn't surprise me .

Imo Pocock is the best openside in the world at the moment . Australia's biggest problem is they have 2 therefore he plays 8 . Where did you not understand that ?!?

TBF he never said Pocock isn't a good player.

Just not a international 8 which TBF is prob accurate.

Yes Aus play him there due to having him and Hooper but it dosnt make him any better there.

Best Openside for me yes.
Best number 8 - no where near for me.
Pocock is a fine player no question, trouble was, in the final, he only looked effective in his own 22, which is where a committed All Black team pinned the Aussies for the bulk of the game.
Yes Mafi (originally from Tonga) is a good player, but I do not think World's highest level. Japan's best player is FB Gorômaru.
By the way, is there not a better name for "Number Eight"? "Number Eight" sounds strange because the player number is not 8 in the case of substitution. This position is called "Lock Forward" in RL.

Quite right. While we're at it, maybe football would want to change the goalkeeper's name to 'goal defence'. I mean, that's what it's called in netball...

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