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RWC Tickets - Confused!




A couple of mates and myself wanted to buy tickets to some games at the Rugby World Cup. The official ticket website has none available for the games we want. Yet I find all these other "non official" ticket agencies selling the tickets we want. I've read the terms and conditions on the RWC site and I'm worried that if we buy our tickets from these "non official" ticketing sites we may be disallowed entry at the game venue.

Does anybody have any advice or comment?

Are we destined to watch the games at some French pub? Or should I just buy the tickets and hope?

Go the Queensland Reds!
<div class='quotemain'> opps :) [/b]

Y u say oops lol??? U haven't even done anything yet! If you want help with your tickets, PM the URLs to me.

You should have them now. I worked out the PM thing :)
Section 26, 27, 28 of the official site http://france2007.ticketnet.fr/sites/ticke..._france2007.htm pretty much says that the only two website that are 100% offical and that can be gauranteed are:
[url]www.france2007.fr[/url][/list]The other sites that you have been to, probably won't rip you off, however, what they do is buy off the above two sites by placing the order that you did to them, and slapping extra money on. So there is most likely no better chance of getting tickets at the following sites:

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