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Sailor off to the Dragons



Speculation has surrounded Wendell Sailor regarding signing with NRL team St George Illawarra Dragons over the past 8 months or so. This article, along with things heard along the grapevine pretty much confirm it.

Sourced from "The Saturday DAILY TELEGRAPH" 25/08/2007
Don't expect too much of Wendell
Wendell Sailor will be a great value buy for St George but fans should not expect too much of him.
That is the view of Broncos coach Wayne Bennett about former Bronco Sailor, who is set to return to rugby league after a five-year absence next year following the end of a two-year drug suspension he incurred while playing rugby union.
"He is a hell of an athlete," Bennett said. "The two years will hurt him and there will be some issues there for him. Will he be the player he was? No he won't because he is in the twilight of his career. But I feel he will be great value for somebody and I am pleased St George will pick him up. He can still play wing and centre no doubt about that."[/b]

Well there we go, it looks like Wendell Sailor is off the the Dragons next year. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing how he plays.
Well, I imagine Big Dell, hearing someone say "He's in the Twilight of his career" would get a fire under his bum and come out firing on all cylinders. I wish him well. St. Georges all Red adidas kit looks nice btw. He should be a good boost for them.
Well the way they're going, St George will certainly need the Dell!

He wouldn't have been to worried about the comment because it came from his close friends and former coach Wayne Bennett who tends to say things like that to egg on players.

I think this is the most excited I have been to see someone play in some time!!!
It would be good to see how he goes, I think he'll do well as he has the build for it.

Also I hope the Dragons make the top 8 next year :)
If Sailor is to go to the Dragons it will be very beneficial for them. His build is more suited for Rugby League as opposed to Union. If you look at him and Tuiaki or whatever the Tigers wingers name is they are both similarly built and we've all seen the damage Tuiaki has done with his speed and size.
Doesn't have the work rate or defense to be a backrower and won't get a run on the wing. Impact benchie at best.
i agree... sailor in the 2nds, and when hes buggerd, have a spell on the wing

dragons 08
Have you seen how fat he is now? Doubt he'll be playing in the 2nd row... but J Brown has done stupider things like playing Gasnier in 5/8th
Have you seen how fat he is now? Doubt he'll be playing in the 2nd row... but J Brown has done stupider things like playing Gasnier in 5/8th
lol [/b]
Find a picture and post it....because, No, I haven't seen how fat he is now.
I just loved that crazy coked up kid!
would mind seeing him at prop if he cant hack the second row..nothing wrong with his running power in regards to the frontrow and will still have that pace to put a step on...but being how uncreative brown is they will proberly play him at wing...which i think wont benefit the use of his skills...hes old..he aint gone run 80metres on a kick return..might aswell use short spurts of his speed and strength as a prop forward...he will become a tragedy on the wing...he will be the new manu vatuvei
As a Dragons fan I can't wait to see him play, but I think we've already got all bases covered in the back row and Sailor should find a spot on the wing - replacing Naiqama.
I wonder who will be the other wing? One of the Morris Twins? Chase Stanley or Nightingale.
one of the morris twins will playing on wing and sailor will probably still fast enough to play on the other wing spot

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