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Saints contract extensions

As you may already know, i'm very knew to all of this, but my knowledge is slowly building up. But one thing i can say for sure is that before i got into rugby league Sean Long was a prevalent name to be heard.
He sounds like he's been a huge influence to Saints.
Sounds like they've done a good job in keeping him contracted

Tell me a little about Keiron Cunningham...
Cunningham has pretty much been around for Saints since the inaugural season back in 1996, I only started watching RL since 2003 but from what I've seen he's one of the more experienced playmakers in the team, a very clever veteran at the play the ball, I'm sure STHRLFC could tell you much more about him
Cunningham is a giant - possibly the most influential player of the Super League era. He's played in every season of Super League and has won everything there is to be won on more than one occasion. All action hooker who at his best was the best hooker on the planet. Not that that's allowed because he's not Australian. Arrogant arseholes. Cunningham is the best, take it from me.
Is the best or was the best, because it sounds like he's been arond for a while now.
He WAS the best. On his day he still can be the best, but he's rotated a lot now because Roby is such a devastating impact player.
Ahh, Roby, Roby, Roby, Roby (sung to the tune of Ruby Ruby!) is the guy who's fighting for his place, then?

As much as i'm sur eyou're sad to see that he's slowly not becoming as prevalent a player as he used to be, you've got to be chuffed that players like Roby are coming in to take his place at Saints.
I saw my mate,
The other day,
And he told me he'd seen the white Hanley
So I asked
Who is he
And he goes by the name of James Roby.


At Saints I'm very lucky to see the grandmaster and the apprentice playing alongside each other. Cunningham is in his 13th year at Saints (playing terms anyway) and Roby reminds me so, so much of him. Our youth set up is producing real quality at the moment.... James Roby, James Graham, Ste Tyrer, Paul Wellens is a product of our youth team.... It's getting better.

I'm made up KC is staying on. I'm less enthusiastic about Long, who I think is past his best.
i think long's good for another season or two though, still directing things pretty well on the pitch - time to blood another scrum-half in rotation now to take over from him

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