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Saracens v Newcastle

What a game. Seemed liked a certainty that Sarries would win after the late tries but a daft bit of crossing and a great finish from Noon won the game for Newcastle. Surely Matthew Tait must be one of the quickest players in rugby at the moment. The way he just ran past Russel who is quick himself was very impressive.

Its hard to believe on this performance that Newcastle havent won away in 2007.
Wilkinson landed the conversion and although Saracens attacked relentlessly for the last two minutes, Newcastle held out to claim a thrilling victory.

From BBC Sport
Saracens lost that game in the first half. Ross was dire.
Perhaps now that Newcastle have laid their away hoodoo to rest they might begin to take a few more scalps away from home. Great hit by Wilkinson which just shows how far the likes of Lamb and Cipriani still have to go to make that England shirt their own.
Absolutely gutted by the whole performance. Ross was indeed dire for most of the first half and that exposes a bit of a problem for Saracens: what will we do when Glen Jackson retires? I would suggest "get relegated". Bring on Alex Goode for gods sake!

In any case, Newcastle were consistently good throughout, their front row is obviously learning from Carl Hayman in the way that they got up the noses of Kevin Yates and Census Johnston. Fabio Ongaro however seemed to be enjoying all the jiggery pokery though, much to the dismay of the Falcons pack.

Both Falcons tries were great, was in the corner to watch Tait glide in, you might have seen me (brown coat, red hoodie) looking like a Glasgow fan away. Flood did some tremendous tricks and Tait was always a threat. Wilkinson made himself useful by posing for the cameras and standing around looking injured.

While we did manage to claw back, it was too little too late and for once, we didn't do a Biarritz and get out of jail in the last five minutes. I hope this weekend teaches us all in the top four a valuable lesson: DON'T ROTATE YOUR BLOODY PLAYERS! :grr:

One awesome thing though was that VR was packed! 16,000, first time its been filled since 1998! And the place was actually pumping too, really enjoyed it (for once). The opera singers at half time were fun too!
This was an amazing game...been trying to find it online thru a torrent or something to watch it again but no such luck...any ideas?

P.S I am a closet Newcastle fan don't mind the gloucester logo under my name lol