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Selecting Set Plays and Driving



Wondering if you can help me.

I bought a new dual shock controller to play Rugby 08 on the PC. I have remapped the controls using Pinacle Game Profiler so ultimately my new controller acts as my keyboard because it wasn't compatible with Rugby 08 so the controls were messed up.

Anyway my problem is that if I catch the ball from first receiver at the lineout and drive using my left analog stick which is mapped to the left arrow of the keyboard, the game is at the same time selecting the set piece move corresponding to the left arrow. Is there anyway to seperate the 2 controls because I could map the set piece plays to my D-Pad if it is possible. Any help would be appreciated.

I am wondering if the same problem is true with controllers that are Rugby 08 compatible.
as far i can tell there is no solution cause the right analog stick is no useable.
There will need to be a mod because the set play and directional movements for the PC version are mapped to the same control, so they simply can't be altered using any software that comes with the gamepad that would allow you to assign functions to the pads buttons. Sucks. Hope someone is able to figure a way to separate these functions in the near future.
I just don't push the mauls, but if I do then I just go on with the set-play or get the forward to scoot.