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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by -JJ-, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    So yeah, anybody want to make a date?

    Go ooon, it's my birthday.
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  3. jared27

    jared27 Guest

    yea bro, later on tonight
    i will come on here and try suss out a game
    around 9.30ish

  4. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    just setting up my ps2 4 online now, what a f***ing hassle
  5. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    Yeah, I had a bit of trouble when I first got mine too.
  6. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    how do you get online internet for the ps2.
  7. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

  8. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    Umm, have you checked's help for online gaming?

    Edit - Just checked. No obvious solution there.

    How are you connecting it? Ie through a router? The weird PC way?
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