Sevens Are In! Edit - But Not Really.

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by funksoulbrother, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. its says on the new web site

    "You can set different options: select the length of the match, the stadium in which you'll play, day or night game, weather conditions, whether penalties are called or not, the number of players and the difficulty level of the game."

    Sounds like you can have 7 a side!
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  3. I presume it means number of players ie computer controlled players. There was no 7's option.
  4. watta dick face....

    making all these threads and making people look in them for no reason
    and no real accurate knowledge

    you cudve just have made a thread that had a question with it...
    your confusing people ya egg head
  5. Erm ... there's no sevens mode ... unless some code miraculously appeared by itself between us delivering gold master and it arriving at Sony! [​IMG]
  6. ok - u need to get a life.

    sorry if i made a mistake - the English on the site is bad - translated from French I guess Easy mistake for me to make
  7. -JJ-

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