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Shameful request for Help...


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Feb 17, 2011
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Great Britain
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My sister and I are going to Thorpe Park soon, and we can get a reduction if we have 5 Coke Zone points, whatever they might be. We are both skint, so it would be tres helpful - and I can spend the money I save doing something to make the world better.

Anyway, I don't drink Coke, it makes me a little spazzy, and then I have to hide in a dark corner for the come down. If anyone does though, and has any codes lying about, shooting them my way would make me tremendously happy, which would in turn make YOU feel happy. I'll even send you a photo of me enjoying my day - like when you adopt a tiger. You won't legally own me, but you'll be directly sponsoring my existence. It really is win-win.

Please don't hurl a torrent of abuse at me for being cheap. I'm fragile.

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