Sharks sign Epi Taione

Discussion in 'Super Rugby' started by Steve-o, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest;des=article

    Natal Sharks sign Tongan Epi Taione, for their Super 14 2008 campaign.

    This is their second international signing this season.

    Personally I'm glad with this signing.

    First off it adds more depth to our squad.

    Secondly it's an islander, who likes to run with the ball. Adding to the already exciting backline we got for this year.

    Thirdly, we'll be helping with the developement of this player, so he can be more competitive when he plays for his country.

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  3. BOKean

    BOKean Guest

    where will he be used?

    backup centre? behind murray, barritt, steyn, jacobs etc..? thats a heck of a depth
  4. candybum

    candybum Guest

    Was he the center that played in the WC for Tonga? if so he's pretty impressive and very strong with the ball in hand, i think i had him in as my 13 as my choice world wc xv.
  5. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    BOKean I have a sneaky suspicion he's gonna be in the scrum as a loose forward. If so, he'll probably start ahead of Daniels.

    IMO our backline is covered. Both Britz and Skinstad have left, so there's a void to fill there
  6. BOKean

    BOKean Guest

    has anyone seen him play loose forward?

    hope he goes well...
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