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Sports fans in Cardiff spared vuvuzela


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Mar 1, 2006
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Sports fans in Cardiff will be largely spared the low-pitched drone of the vuvuzela that has become one of the big issues at the World Cup.

The horn-like instruments are expected to appear at UK sports arenas following their impact in South Africa.

However, officials say they will not be allowed at the Millennium Stadium, the Swalec cricket stadium or football matches at Cardiff City Stadium.

The vuvuzelas have divided fans, who seem to either love or hate the noise.

Gerry Toms, stadium manager at the Millennium Stadium, said: "Air horns are already banned for all our rugby and football matches and we're now extending that to the vuvuzela.


Im glad because it did become a little annoying round where I was sitting for the South Africa game.
I'm glad that these officials have banned them like the officials at wimbledon and a few bundesliga clubs also. Personally I find them unbearable sat at home watching the football and having to hear them so I wouldn't like to imagine what its like to be sat next to someone blowing one in your ear. Being a fan who watches Wales regularly I'm happy as I would have hated to hear them going off all the time, theres nothing better regarding atmosphere than the crowd chanting and singing and thats the way it should stay imo. Just hope that most other clubs follow suit.