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Squad problems



is it true that thay have the 2004 squads like howell and stuff jason spice etc??
I haven't played the game but it does seem that the squads are not completey up to date and possiby mix of 04 and 05 eg tagicakbau is in the chiefs but guys like Bobo and Kininkilau are in the hurricanes.
But ofcourse u cant expect the budget to go to teams mostly. Whats the point in complaining if this game has great gameplay and graphics?
good point jacko at least the gameplay will be good and only a few players will be wrong or in the wrong squad not to bad most of the players it affects are nobodys.
Guys, the teams are sadly not completly up to date! But that's not really an issue...as you can add the correct players using the editor.

I think it was difficult for these guys to get the game spot on....remember that this game was released +- 2 weeks after the super 12 started...taking that into consideration...these guys had a VERY short time between the squad anouncements and release date to get everything spot on.

I in fact, take my hat off to the guys at EA for getting things done so quick and with very little problems and errors.
They are not out of date either!

Holwell, Spice ... long gone!

The Hurricanes starting team is spot on. apart from maybe gopperth and fairbrother
Stink!!!!... but are there any names that sound similar for the commentators to use?... i remember in Rugby 2004 i created Roy kinikinilau... and had to use sum name Nikalau... it was alrite, i'd crack up tho every time they wud say his name tho

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