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SRU - the suits at the feeding trough


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Oct 3, 2011
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Scottish Rugby's chief executive Mark Dodson has more than doubled his earnings for the year up to 31 May 2019 compared to the previous 12 months.

The group's accounts showed their "highest paid director" had received £933,000 in salary and benefits.

That's an increase of £478,000.

Scotland did not qualify from their World Cup group in Japan, while the SRU were fined £70,000 for Dodson's criticism over a potential cancellation of their tie with the hosts.

Increases have been widespread across the board, with the total paid to all company directors jumping from £1.13m to £2.246m.

The other executives on the Scottish Rugby board are chief operating officer Dominic McKay, finance director Andrew Healey and general counsel Robert Howat.

They will also be hoping for an improved performance in the 2020 Six Nations, having finished fifth last year, with just one victory.

Turnover for the year was £61m, up from £57.2m, but profit before tax dropped to £308,000 from £1.8m.

So how the f**k have they earned this? The SRU said:

A statement from the national governing body said payments "reflect the individuals' contribution to its Long Term Incentive Plan to deliver on the organisation's strategic initiatives and targets".


The SRU has done two things right under Dodson:
- Employ Richard Cockerhill
- Start Edinburgh's new stadium - eventually

They've also made mistakes under Dodson:
- Got rid of Vern Cotter
- Delayed obvious decision on Edinburgh's new stadium for far too long.
- Debacle over London Scots, a missed opportunity for a 3rd team they badly need for development
- The debacle over the Super Six.

[Scotstoun was independent of Dodson.]

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