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  1. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    Are all the stadiums that are on Rugby 2004 up on 2005?
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  3. Not a chance.

    We initially were under the impression that Rugby 2005 had only 38 stadiums as opposed to the 67 in that quagmire called 2**4.

    Could anyone with the game let us know, please? Or even post up a clip of them scrolling through the stadiums wink wink nudge nudge say no more.
  4. jgough

    jgough Guest

    Well from what I saw when I played it, I saw that each Super 12 team had their own stadium, so I would also assume that each European team does also (from having a quick look around, I'm pretty sure they do). Also there a few others in there, there is also a stadium in Asian, and one in the USA (San Fransisco if you want to know).

    So I would have at a guess that, assuming each Super 12 team has a stadium, each Euro team, and then, for each country that hasn't already been included because of those comps, those remianing countries will have stadiums. I can't confirm tho if countries like Georgia do.

    But theres certinly enough to make this side of the game rather impressive.

    Jamie Gough
  5. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    So long as The Gardens, Lansdown and HQ are all in there, I'm happy.
  6. Selfish *******. [​IMG]

    Jamie, that sounds crazy if they've got the extra stadia.
  7. woodie

    woodie Guest

    38 statia

    12 S12 sides
    24 Heineken Cup sides

    + Twickenham
    + Stade de France
    + Millennium Stadium
    + Pacific Islanders
    + Buenos Aires
    + Asian stadium

    Looks like there will be some ground sharing going on somewhere.
  8. Yeah, that's what I thought Wood-Yi, but Goughy's saying they've got the San Francisco -- and any way you cut up the 38 number, there should be no room at all for us having a stadium in there!

    Maybe they've boosted the number slightly. 42?

    It's EA Canada, and if they've got Balboa Park (US) they'll definitely have a Canadian one, possibly Vancouver.

    I'm thinking the 2 Italian clubs will share Stadio Flaminio with Italy.

    Do you think the 2 Scottish teams will have their grounds or will they be injected into Murrayfield?

    Definitely Buenos Aires for that amazing idea of the 10 Nations (that is such a brilliant idea for EA/HB to create their own idea of what they think is a tournament we'd all looove to see. I'm so glad they didn't give us the option to create our own tournaments.) Yeah, Buenos Aires is in there, which is cool.

    Asian stadium, let's just call it, oh, I don't know, Tokyo -- it has to be.

    What else?
  9. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I can't believe Lansdown isn't in that list... [​IMG]
  10. sean43

    sean43 Guest

    Lansdown will be on the game for sure, I will check for you tomorrow as I will hopefully be playing the full version in the comfort of my own home [​IMG]

    I want to keep it quiet as I will be asked a heck load of questions, but I will do the best I can. [​IMG]
  11. Lansdowne is definitely in there.

    I forget where I've seen it (I think Shane's thread), but I've definitely seen it.
  12. that cud be aimed at me!! ill do one now anyhow!
  13. jgough

    jgough Guest

    Yup, USA is there. 1 stadium anyway.

    Jamie Gough
  14. Cheers.

    39 Stadiums ya'll. Decent mix.

    Australia Stadium

    High Wycombe
    West London

    Stade de Ville
    France Stadium
    Le Parc

    Lansdowne Road
    Irish Park

    Arena Civica


    Northern Park

    Cape Town

    Millennium Stadium

    Buenos Aires
    San Francisco

    South Pacific Stadium
  15. hope my vid helped!
  16. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i dont wanna pride on anyones parade, but if i am playing the 2003 RWC, where does Argentina play Ireland if Adelaide Oval isnt there

    surely with having 3 RWC's to pick from u'd have the correct draw and venues along with it.

    if the 2003RWC is only played at those aussie grounds, all 4 of them what a farce of RWC mode they have made.

    one of the best things i thought was having 3 RWC's....where u could play in each host nation on the correct grounds, with the correct draw........after seeing this count of 4 stadiums in australia, makes me think the other RWC's may not even be authentic in regards to host nation, draw and stadia.

    i am gutted!!!

    p.s where's perth??? - i cant remember the last time we played the Bok outside of perth during the tri nations - is this another cock up??? - A BIG FATASS YES IT BLOODY OATH IS MATES!!!
  17. ak47 -- I thought the exact same thing when I heard they had 3 World Cups and only 38 stadium.

    They're only going to have the pools correct (honestly, I wonder if they'll get '99 correct with the 5 pools of 4 teams plus play-off matches??).

    But you know, it still doesn't matter if they had all the stadia because all World Cup matches are going to be with the 2005 roster.
  18. the argentina v ireland game is played at Dunedin!! [​IMG]
  19. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i bet this is all because they dont have the official RWC liscense

    either way - this is one way to really f*** off the fans

    atleast have the game in australia still..but dunedin??? FFS, the fans at dunedin will expect a haka, but they wont get one from the irish or the aussies

    oh i cant wait to see what load of shite stadia they pick for the other RWC's in the game

    perhaps for the 2007 RWC - we can play the final on Mars!........i mean the only difference in this case would be the planet the games played on.....heck if u aint playing in front for the real fans, mightaswell perform in front of marshians

    perhaps will can unlock the colleseum, madison square gardens, and the Sydney Ent Cent...........keep pulling these left fields EA wankfaces

    The games is great but the lies continue - 100% authentic my f**king ass
  20. i tink ur gettin carried away now m8! no need to be like dat! they prob wurnt allowed to put the stadium in the game so its not there fault! who cares wat stadium u play its not as if its gonna effect how ya play! so dont put this good game down! [​IMG]
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