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Star Teams?


Los Lover


Just wanted to know if anyone can confirm yet if winning all the awards on HARD level unlocks the All Star teams the presence of whom in the game is confirmed by squads and screenshots (thoughts of this been left in the game but not accessible are fanciful)....

I am close, have won:

- Super 12 (Hard)
- Ten nations (Hard)
- Tri Nations (Hard)
- Bledisloe Cup (Hard)
- British Lions Tour (Hard) = NZ, Australia and South Africa
- World League Division One trophy (Hard) - no trophies for 2nd or third divisions...but I did place first in both so that is for sure.
- World Cup (Hard - but bypassed England..)

Need now only:

- Six Nations (haven't played yet...I know it will be easy with England though and tough with the others - the thought of it pains me)
- European Trophy (lost semi-final with Munster falling short of the big prize - That was a week ago...I am better prepared now.)...

...Oh! and the World League knockout trophy too...

Anyone else found the teams? Anyone won all Hard tournaments and collected all Hard trophies but hasn't unlocked anything? Anyone completed everything on Normal and needs psychiatric assessment? Share it here....

Other unlockables thread had lost thread and interest! had to revive it..sorry.

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