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  1. ra5137

    ra5137 Guest

    who do u reckon will be the line ups from the state of origin this year??
    and who do u think will win it

    i think the maroons'll win 3-0

    1. Karmichael Hunt / Billy Slater
    2. Greg Inglis
    3. Israel Folau
    4. Justin Hodges / Willie Tonga
    5. Brent Tate ???
    6. Darren Lockyear
    7. Jonathan Thurston / Scott Prince / Cooper Cronk
    8. Petro Civoniceva / Antonio Kaufusi
    9. Cameron Smith
    10. Steve Price / Antonio Kaufusi
    11. Tonie Carrol
    12. Carl Webb
    13. Dallas Johnson

    any suggestions for the blues
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  3. candybum

    candybum Guest

    far Billy Slaters playing well isn't he?
  4. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    I'd personally swap Falou and Tate around if you want them both on the field.
  5. bullseye

    bullseye Guest

    For new south wales i think they should give wayne pearce son a run (mitchell pearce), fire-eight half-back combination of anasta and pearce, they are playing good football for the roosters at the moment and pearce looks like he could be a future great.

    Wow is about all that comes to mind at the moment
  6. Bloody hell this is a bit premature isn't it? Anything could happen in the next few months... injuries, form etc.
  7. melon

    melon Guest

    Mmmm it is a bit early...

    I'll give it another month and start discussing it then. We are still 6 weeks out from the first Origin , so anything can happen.

    I will mention a couple of things though.

    Wouldn't it be interesting if NSW do what QLD did back in 2001, and fly Monaghan over from England to play in the #7 along side Braith Anasta (I think hes a shoe in for the #6 jersey)...

    But then again as bullseye said, the 7 could be Pearce's because he has formed a strong combination with Anasta.

    This will be up for much more discussion in a months time.
  8. FDZ

    FDZ Guest

    Boyd might make the maroons this year and replace tate.
  9. jonese26

    jonese26 Guest

    Yeah hopefully they dont go with Tate or Tonga. I think Hunt at fullback and Slater on the wing is our best option. And Payne should be the one to fill the utility role on the bench.
  10. jplyr10

    jplyr10 Guest

    my nsw team

    1. stewert
    2. el masri
    3. gasnier/
    4. cooper
    5. hayne
    6. anasta
    7. (lol i actually cant decide)
    8. bailey
    9. farah
    10. mason
    11. gallen
    12. hoffman/watmough
    13. bird
  11. hellteam

    hellteam Guest

    theres absoloutely no chance of boyd being qld origin, we've got far too many good players . cant wait for origin this year. qld will be strong favorites for the first time in ages. we'll see how we go with taht
  12. makhoul101

    makhoul101 Guest

    i rekon fitzgibbon shoold b in the nsw team somwer

    I reckon Fitzgibbon should be in the NSW team somewhere.

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