Stephen Donald

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by rc_souljah, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. rc_souljah

    rc_souljah Guest

    Does anyone actually rate this guy? I think he's waaaaaay overrated. Just like Scotty Ham and caleb
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  3. umosay

    umosay Guest

    How so?

    I think hes an awesome player... can take the line on, got a good (but slightly awkward looking punt) has a mean left foot step. Hes scored some good tries this year too. Also you say that Hamilton and Ralph are overrated, don't you mean over hated? They seem to do their jobs alright and Hamilton can defenitely score a try and hes safe. (3 tries in the s12 semi)

    Ralph is the 3rd top try scorer of all time in the S12 so he musn't be totally and utterly useless. Hes a better mdifielder than a winger now though
  4. i think hes a excellent player. i still wouldnt have him in all black contention though. 1- carter, 2-mcallister, 3-evans, 4-donald would be my lines of ab 5/8s. hes got a simmilar game style to jackson from what ive seen of him and will be playing for a long time in waikato.

    as for hamilton and ralph, hamilton is a good player. ralph is over rated. the reason he scores trys is because of the canturbury system. in the year that shall not me mentioned because a gay team won every match, i can remember watching their trys, and every one of them (well almost) was due to support play. a centre made a beak, and then make a draw and pass to ralph, or another winger, and a easy try was scored. not taking anything away from the teams or players, but when your system works like that - with a draw and pass to the winger, they will always be scoring lots of trys. - i just remember someone posting only a week or so ago "macdonald scored a try, mcallister didnt. fullstop" [​IMG]
  5. rc_souljah

    rc_souljah Guest

    Donald is not close to All Black caliber. He doesn't do anything better than any other 1st 5 does.
    Ralph and Hamilton are mediocre. Ralph and Hamilton just put the ball over the line and IMO ralph is not better in the midfield. At least on the wing he is away from the action and can't stuff things up.
  6. as a individual, i would agree with you. but as a team member, i would have to dissagree. he controlls the backline excellently, hes a good disrubitor of the ball, and sets up alot of tries.

    theres 3 types of 5/8s
    1)safety - the mertz, who are good tacklers, pass the ball and can kick the **** out of it
    2)runners - mcallisters/carters - break the line often, bombs and grubbers used often, but average disrubitors
    3)distrubitors - donald/jackson - not individually great, can punt it good, but main weapon is their ability to set up tries and distrubute the ball quckly.
  7. rc_souljah

    rc_souljah Guest

    Are you seriously saying that Carter and McAlister aren't good distributors of the ball? They're the two best 1st 5's in the country and Carters probably the best all-rounder in the world (not necessarily the best).
  8. Hypnotised

    Hypnotised Guest

    Mehrtens a good tackler? I rate Mehrtens very highly but his tackling was never something I felt he was particularly good at.

    As for Donald, I do feel he is over-rated. To me he is patchy and his passing isn't as good as people make out. Admittedly he has a good running game, and has great moments every now and then, but isn't a consistent performer like Dan Carter.

    I rate him alongside Gopperth,

    1 Carter
    2 McCalister
    3 Mehrtens still
    4 Gopperth/Donlad
  9. no, im saying there not specialists. during training, they would be praticing breaking the lines, more than disrubiting. not that they dont though...

    as for mertz being a tackler, i dont think he let through that many, but hes no collins
  10. Southern man

    Southern man Guest

    You don't rate Evans at all?
  11. rc_souljah

    rc_souljah Guest

    I'd go
    4.Nick Evans/Gopperth
  12. for me:

  13. Hypnotised

    Hypnotised Guest

    Ah of course, sorry about that, I knew I'd leave someone out. Re-made table:

    1. Carter
    2. McCalister
    3. Mehrtens
    4. Evans
    5. Gopperth/Donald.

    Definately think Evans is a good player.
  14. what do we think about him playing fullback? its been forgotten that thats where he debuted. although hes said that he does prefer to play 5/8 (why he went to otago) but still a posibility. i would rate him up there...
  15. rc_souljah

    rc_souljah Guest

    Please do not tell me by young you mean Sam Young, please...
  16. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Even MakingTyre's is better than Young
  17. rc_souljah

    rc_souljah Guest

    Mate, even Buller's 1st 5 is better than Sam Young...
  18. shh...

    na i dont think hes even close to being a quallity player, but i think he uses the tarinaki backs well. but then again, taranaki has only a couple of decent players [​IMG]

    its just i was watching the game on sunday, and i was like, hmm, not super 12, but hes going to be one of those naki players that is going to be a naki star, but never get anywhere. ala the legend paul tito
  19. tHe_MaC

    tHe_MaC Guest

    Apanui anyone? [​IMG]

    Haha, but seriously, I used to think Donald was way overrated but this NPC he has started to show his potential, and its good.

    But for mine,

    1. Mehrts (Always)
    2. Carter
    3. McAllister
    4. Donald
    5. Evans
  20. rc_souljah

    rc_souljah Guest

    No way mate I don't no why he's starting. He's lost three games for them this season including the shield match and not to mention probably the most hated man in taranaki lol (got an inside source)
  21. ok well see, well see...

    if he is their for a while then HA! if he doesnt and fades away, then you wont even remember this thread! so i win either way [​IMG]
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